This is the story of SilverMotion, Inc.’s CEO, Ajay Arora and his journey to purpose and self. SilverMotion, Inc. recently launched their flagship app, eQuiz to glowing reviews and is acquiring thousands of customers.

This is Ajay’s story in his own words…

“There’s this one memory that always sticks with me. One of my teachers, I believe it to be in the fifth or sixth grade, at my school in India (Sorry Teach, I can’t remember your name) used to challenge us with some fun but difficult trivia in the last 5 minutes of his class… The first ever question that I was asked was, “Where is the Black Forest located?” for some odd reason I knew it! In case you’re wondering it’s Germany… I was the only student that got the answer right.. It was a joyous moment and even after all the time that has passed — I still remember it, fondly.

This is where my journey and love for acquiring lots of knowledge began. I read a lot of facts, played scrabble and somehow over time, I amassed a pool of information.

Then I moved to New York. I found myself in a little bet: “Who sang Jungle Boy?” — an 80’s song (if you’re wondering, congrats if you knew!). The bet was against some friends who were English Majors and Music Fanatics, hardly fair as an Indian immigrant! These topics were not my strong suit. But I got it right! And I gained two very good friends for life… And… I made a few bucks!

You may call it my ‘a-ha’ moment. This was the moment where I started to discover myself.

It led me to this point in my career, this point in my life. The launch of a gaming company with some great Friends and a team who believes in me, my passion and vision. It’s been many years in the making, a long personal journey that I want to share with you — So I invite you to download eQuiz, the trivia app I want to share with the world. This couldn’t have been done without some key people working on the game and my friends who invested in this venture. Friends, who truly believed in me!

Never limit yourself! Always do more than is asked or required — read more than you are assigned. Hopefully, it will inspire you and lead you to your own ‘aha’ moment — To quote a wise man (cough) Ashton Kutcher, “Smart is Sexy!”

To all of my friends, family and associates — I invite you to download and enjoy this game — We had fun making it — so that you can have fun playing it!

Please check it out:


Ajay Arora”

As one of Ajay’s friends and Co-founder of eQuiz, I too am a believer that you can tackle the world with passion and that the need for enlightenment should stay constant.

May this short piece inspire you to find yourself on the way to your personal happiness. Thrive!

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