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Everyone loves and values their relationship and wants to avoid the uncertainties associated with coronavirus. The pandemic scandal has caused unexpected havoc in the lives of individuals. People all across the world have isolated themselves at homes. Even after weeks and months, they are having difficulty connecting with their near and dear ones. The extra togetherness has become overwhelming for individuals over the past few months. Hence, the maintenance of harmony and connection has become a crucial factor. Experts and psychologists suggest that a relationship is established, on two-way communication between both the partners. Although the pandemic has resulted in unexpected situations, couples are encouraged to establish a healthy relationship.

Too much togetherness creates a disturbance

When people are obliged to spend days after days in the same place, couples tend to become a little crazy. Even the committed pairs will develop a sluggish attitude. Losing the sense of time and developing an understanding of monotony causes numbness of feelings. Since uncertainties in the world have become an inseparable part of human life, it reflects in the relationship. It is significant for people to take responsibility for their health as well as mental well-being. Keep in mind that a relationship requires care and love for both partners.

Must retain a routine self-care

Self-care is vital for every individual during these trying times. According to Eric J Dalius, there has been a significant change in the routine of people worldwide. In this scenario, it is significant for individuals to establish and maintain a schedule as far as possible. Moreover, sticking to regular waking up time, sleep hours, dressing time, meal time are essential. Also, you must take care of your nutritious diet and make sure that it is balanced. Further, scheduling breaks in between work for meditation sessions or midday yoga is vital. Keep in mind that the halt helps encourage an individual and gives you the much-needed boost for your daily activities.

Limit your workday schedule

For couples, it is essential to set boundaries between their personal and professional lives. With the work from home scenario, the limitation is becoming blurred. Keep in mind that it is the same case with every other couple. The anxiety and depression caused by the pandemic compel an individual to lose track of their work and personal obligations. Moreover, individuals who invest a lot of their time in personal identity tend to compromise on their professional responsibilities. The same happens the other way round. Hence, it is imperative to maintain a routine and structure the entire day to have time for your personal and professional commitments.

Avoid any substance use or abuse

The increasing level of stress aggravates habits like substance abuse or smoking. It may include drinking alcohol or taking other kinds of drugs. The increased level of tolerance caused by the heightened degree of stress is the significant reason for substance abuse. Individuals must keep an eye on their alcohol consumption and set boundaries against harmful interactions. According to Eric Dalius, people who are in recovery from substance abuse need a vigilant and supportive environment. Since people are stuck in their homes, friends and family members are the only sources of support. Keep in mind that the risk of relapse is associated with substance abuse even after the treatment is over. Hence, a supportive ambiance may drive the individual towards everyday life.

Plan outdoor activities together

When you indulge in regular physical exercise with your friends and family members, it reduces your stress and strengthens your connection with others. The same goes for couples who are spending a lot of time fulfilling their professional obligations. When they spend time in their exercise and fitness regime, it works wonders for their relationship. Experts recommend that partners must go for a walk or a jog together. Even half an hour of “me time” helps build a robust relationship. Moreover, you must start developing healthy habits, which include a balanced diet and regular walks outdoors.

Fulfill your work commitments by working together and keeping kids occupied

Since work from the home regime has become a recent trend. Couples are finding it difficult to separate their professional and personal life. In this scenario, kids get ignored at home during Covid-19. It increases the level of stress. When one or both of their parents do not have time for the children, kids feel lonely. Parents must attend to their children and spend quality time with them. Helping children with their home lessons and speaking to them about the recent happenings are ways of building an emotional bond. Moreover, couples can plan their day as far as possible and ensure that each partner is available for them when they require it.

In addition to this, couples must take steps to broaden their support system. No matter how far away you are from your near and dear ones, you make connections with them via the social media platform. These days telephonic conversations, email chats, video chats have become a significant way of connecting with your loved ones. These are ways of dispersing your physical distance and, thereby, continuing your communication.

Lastly, couples must plan their relationship so that they are capable of facing the crisis. Keep in mind that uncertain situations are not permanent and that one day it will get over. It is imperative to develop a positive attitude towards the problem and work to rectify the same. As couples, it is your responsibility to take care of each other and stress upon the safety precautions so that you can protect each other from the deadly virus. These days, couples have to stay away from each other due to their work schedule or other reasons. In this scenario, you can overcome the strain of physical distance through a social media platform. Learning about digital platforms is crucial in this regard. It has helped couples to stay connected. However, it would help if you acted responsibly to overcome your problems in a relationship during COVID-19.