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Despite Covid19 vaccines now being available, the scare about Covid19 is still gripping people. Although there is less panic as we are coming to terms with the disease’s threat, life is far from normal. The World Health Organization has repeatedly been warning not to let the guards down. We must continue maintaining physical distance when moving amidst many people. Continue using masks to cover the nose and mouth to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus carried in the air in the form of minute droplets when coughing or sneezing. Keep up the habit of washing hands frequently with soap and water whenever possible, or use some sanitizer when moving outdoor and avoid touching open surfaces.

The various restrictions that have now become a part of our lives are causing considerable discomfort and distress. Being unable to lead regular lives with full freedom like we had been used to before the pandemic is causing tremendous mental stress and affecting our health, observes Eric Dalius. The world now seems to be topsy turvy as everyone struggles to adapt to the new lifestyle of spending more time at home, with or without work. The sudden shock of staying confined at home is building mental stress as we cannot figure out how to adjust to the new lifestyle. Trying to maintain a healthy life by protecting ourselves from the novel coronavirus has left everyone overwhelmed.

Take it easy

Taking things easy by paying more attention to self-care will help calm down the nerves and better control the situation. It will help to learn the ways of staying healthy by maintaining the desired level of wellness. Follow the advice of Eric J Dalius discussed in this article that should help you come out from the gloom and be happy with how you deal with situations, which keeps you healthy.

Stay active

Now that you are at home, you have enough opportunities of doing regular exercises by following a routine.  Exercises will take care of your physical and mental health and inspire you to meet the challenges more confidently. It will keep you active when you are at home, which will improve your overall wellness and wellbeing. You can do different exercises at home by gathering information from various online resources like YouTube and numerous apps.  From Yoga to aerobics and calisthenics, which are all free-hand exercises that do not require any resources or tools, you can choose your workouts according to your fitness goals, clarifies Eric Dalius.  You can join some online groups and forums like the Nike Training Club, which provides overall guidance about workouts, health, and nutrition.

Calm your mind

Too much concern about anything develops anxiety like we are now facing while combating the coronavirus. It creates mental turmoil as numerous thoughts swirl in our heads, and we tend to lose focus as we are unable to concentrate on any single thought or idea. Taking the right decisions about our lives becomes difficult, and it only pushes us toward deeper problems. To reverse the cycle, you must start practicing some techniques that put the brakes on your racing thoughts. Practice meditation for even as little as 10 minutes a day helps encourage mindfulness and allow your thoughts to flow systematically in the right direction. You can try out some of the apps that help to practice mindfulness through structured programs.

Keep in touch with others

The sense of isolation when you are home without any physical interactions with the outside world adds too much mental stress that de-motivates and depresses you.  Avoid such situations by leveraging the power of the various online methods of communication, from phone calls to social media and other apps to stay connected with people you love. By talking to someone you trust, you can fight boredom and overcome loneliness while exchanging your experiences with others. The chatting sessions will help share positive experiences as they can tell about the good things they experienced. It is a great stress buster and builds positivity as you come to know that good things still happen and raises the hope of overcoming the odds.

Stay engaged at home

Spending time at home should be fun and since good nutrition is the most important goal during the pandemic, start doing some cooking. Experts are stressing the need to consume home-cooked foods over processed foods to improve immunity. Prepare some tasty homemade meals that will give you great pleasure. Gather some interesting recipes from family, friends, or online resources and start experimenting with them. You might be pleasantly surprised to see how quickly you acquire some new culinary skills that will inspire you to experiment more.  Use your creativity to substitute some ingredients with something innovative if there is a short supply of specific ingredients, which is very much possible.

De-clutter your home

To fight the fear and panic about the pandemic, keep your mind distracted from the negativity around you. Engage in different activities that come to your mind. When you are spending much more time at home, you can improve the home environment and engage in some home cleaning activities.  Maintaining cleanliness will let you feel good, and you can follow a routine of regular home de-cluttering for at least 5 minutes a day. Focus on small things like a shelf or pick only a few items to move it to another place to free up some space.

Learn something new

You might have some suppressed desire to learn something new, like playing some musical instrument or drawing and painting that you could not pursue earlier. Now that you have time on your side, use the opportunity to the fullest and start learning a new language if you like. Look for some online free tutorials and get started.

The more you stay engaged and active, the better you will be able to cope with the crisis by protecting your mental health, ensuring your wellness and wellbeing.