After the events that unfolded due to the spread of the virus, it is evident that people would feel panic and stress. For example, sitting at home watching news can become scary and overwhelming due to the constant whirl of information. In addition, many people are feeling stressed due to multiple issues such as having an aged family member, helping out kids staying all day indoors, struggling with work from the home regime, or simply adjusting your mental state to the new situation.

As the days go by, it becomes more and more difficult to mentally and physically accept the change. It will help if you read below to understand specific tips that can help you overcome stress after the outbreak of Covid to stay in a positive state of mind minimizing stress.

Try exercising during the pandemic, says Eric Dalius

It would help if you stayed physically enthusiastic about diverting your mind and not focus on negative things. You can start doing aerobics at home or even in the apartment compound. After some physical activity, you will feel rejuvenated as it releases happy hormones in your body, leaving a calming effect. Simply climbing, running, or even walking can help you not have to get into a workout or gym training properly. Even simple daily goals can keep you physically and mentally active. Why don’t you play with your kids? It will make you more cheerful if you play with your pets and kids and help you get rid of unnecessary calories.

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that help elevate your temperament and build a positive mental state. So if you want to keep your mind calm, you should practice some yoga postures and stretching exercises. In addition, you can browse the digital platform for easy fitness videos and wellness exercises to make it an aspect of your daily habit when you are home confined.


It will help if you detach yourself from the negative news circulating because it becomes too much to grasp or handle at times. You have to decide on the amount of stress you can take, limiting your exposure to information and news accordingly. If you have aged people and children, refrain from exposing them to harsh details, making them mentally stressed. You should also physically and mentally detach yourself from the stress related to the pandemic. An excellent way to do so is reading books, playing puzzles, cleaning, or reorganizing your house so that you can concentrate on something constructive and not focus on the stressors.

Stay connected

The times are uncertain presently, so you need to connect with your peers to overcome your fears. If you disconnect yourself from your friends and relatives, it will increase your stress and lead to depression. Now is the point to reach out to your colleagues, family members, and even your colleagues through video calls, messages, emails, and phones so that you constantly vent out your frustration.

Also, try to check on those living independently, especially elderly members of your extended family. You have to rationalize your thoughts to stay informed about what is happening among your friends and relatives to become more practical. The main idea is to keep your mind active and come up with reasonable solutions to the problems around you instead of just panicking, says Eric Dalius.

Take adequate sleep and rest

Stress or anxiety is mainly due to lack of proper sleep which triggers a disturbed state of mind. The circulation of information on Covid might indeed create mental issues. Therefore, you should get adequate sleep and give time to your body to relax so that you can manage the anxiety and stress around you. It would help if you did not take stimulants like nicotine, caffeine, or alcohol right before bedtime because it can affect your sleeping patterns.

Carve out a bedtime routine so that you get proper sleep and time to elevate your mental state. Before going to bed, take a warm water bath and some non-caffeinated drinks such as herbal teas to get a good sleep. Plan your next day before sleeping to kill uncertainty, thereby reducing instances of stress.

Engage in good hygiene practices

You need to follow hygiene practices and become more vigilant than before. Try to clean and sanitize floors and all the metal surfaces regularly to reduce the chances of contamination. Every day you should take a bath and maintain all the norms of personal hygiene so that you do not get infected or contaminate others in your family. It is time to act responsibly and do not overlook essential protocols given by the international councils to impede the spread of the virus.

Become more expressive

Engage in activities where you can express yourself either through blogging, scrapbooking, making videos, or engaging in any form of creativity or art to vent out your feelings. You do not have to engage in such activities throughout the day, but you can devote some time to creative activities to calm your mind and body and release frustration. If you engage in creative activities, then it will not only reduce your stress, but you will have something to look up to every day. It is also a way to discipline your body and your thoughts to come up with something creative.

Keep yourself entertained

You can take online applications to enjoy shows that will divert your mind from the ongoing drama in real life. You can even watch cartoons or animated movies with kids at home that will occupy a few hours of your day. If you like gardening, you can plant flowers with the help of kids around you to keep them engaged and happy. Try baking. Indulge in activities that will occupy your time and mind so that you do not give way to negative thoughts. Do video calls with your friends and relatives and find out about their upkeep so that you feel relaxed and become more rational about the situation around you.

Pandemic is an alarming situation, but you have to make your nerves calm down and accept the changing environment because there is no other way out. You have to ensure that your friends and family members are safe by following all the necessary precautions. If you remain safe and the people around you are happy and healthy, your anxiety will ease out definitely. If you are given way to stress and anxiety, it will reduce your immunity, making you physically weak to fight the virus.