There are major benefits of getting a little more exercise throughout the day, but it’s not always easy to get up from your desk. Celebrity personal trainer Erin Oprea has some easy ways you can get more energy and burn some extra calories in the office. “Instead of sending someone in your office a message through email, how about you walk over there to them?” she suggests. “Not only do you get to have a little friendship, you get some bonus steps in.”

Walking meetings are also a great way to move more. “I have lots of meetings, but I don’t love sitting for meetings, because it just makes me want to go to sleep, and it doesn’t get my creative mind sparking at all,” Oprea adds. “Instead of sitting, you can go for a walk.”

Keeping your hydration levels up can also get you walking.  “Another sneaky way to move more at work is to drink a lot of water, because then you have to pee a lot!” she tells Thrive. “Guess what that means? You get to go to the bathroom a lot. Then you get little bonus steps there too, which is a win. And you’re hydrated.”

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  • Lindsey Benoit O'Connell

    Deputy Editor, Entertainment + Partnerships at Thrive

    Lindsey Benoit O'Connell is Thrive's Deputy Editor, Entertainment + Partnerships. Prior to working at Thrive, she was the Entertainment + Special Projects Director for Good Housekeeping, Women's Health, Cosmopolitan, Redbook and Woman's Day booking the talent for covers and inside features. O'Connell currently lives in Astoria, NY with her husband Brian and adorable son, Hunter Fitz.