Ernesto Hernandez, who is also known as Legacy, was born in Cuba, Santa Clara. Life was not easy for him and his brother during childhood. However, Ernesto had an innate passion for music. He kept it silent until he could eventually manifest it and started rapping at the age of 16. By then, he could do his own melodies, which would later be iconic when he started doing his songs.

Therefore, Ernesto has been a busy man because he now does his own singles and has an upcoming volume. His singles have been making impacts, and he knows that the volume that he is about to release will follow the same trend. In this article, we managed to ask him his tips for success and how he manages to work without burnout.

Distress tips

Ernesto is quick to advise everyone that fear and regret only last longer and weigh heavier than failures. He says that you rather try and fail instead of fearing to start and regretting when you finally recognize that you are late and can’t start. Ernesto says that you cannot know how far you can go until you start.

Avoiding burnouts

Ernesto tries to balance his life with healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, exercise, and listening to music to calm himself throughout the day. He also goes on long drives to gather ideas in his head for moving forward in both his personal and business life. He proceeds to ask himself the right questions as he does morning affirmations, telling himself how smart, kind, and talented he is. He loves using the law of attraction to get closer to where he wants to be.

Success habits

All successful people have their habits. Ernesto wakes up with a ‘never give up’ attitude and sets goals to tackle that day. He also writes down what he wants and where he wants to be and places them on a dream board that he checks every day.

Staying motivated

He desires to be a great positive role model for others and show others that everyone can do it if he can do it. He is inspired by his mother, daughter, and future wife.

He concluded by advising the starters to stay focused despite the naysayers and haters. He says that they are just confused people who have failed in achieving their dreams, so they want everyone else to be like them.


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