Mountain Safety: Running to the Hills from COVID19

 As the cases worldwide continue to show unsettling results, many families are turning to alternative living arrangements to stay safe and reduce infection chance. The mountains are some of the most brilliant places to live on earth no matter where they are, and are generally far less populated than the cities. To state the obvious, cities are a cesspool for infection, and the worst part is you can’t escape it because of the close quarters. People get a sense of freedom, increased energy, and fantastic vitality when communing with nature, and the trend will continue to rise along with infected cases. 

I am seeking solace in a world of Chaos

 The mountains are undeniably safer than the cities, and they offer a different lifestyle in a COVID19 world that many people are starting to find more appealing. Being away from others may seem counter-intuitive to our social needs, but desperate times call for dramatic measures to ensure many’s safety. For some, this virus has been a tremendous source of anxiety and risk resulting in the loss of loved ones and an endless void of Chaos seemingly impossible to escape. When in doubt, retreat to the mountains and secure your well being through lightly populated areas with fresh air and a fantastic view that leaves nothing to be desired. These retreats are especially useful if you stock up on foods through delivery services to reduce human contact even further for effective quarantine. 

A safe future for families 

 Although isolating yourself in the mountains may not be for everyone, there has been a surge of people seeking options like this for multiple reasons outside the virus. Something is appealing about being in touch with nature, and perhaps part of the reason why a virus of this magnitude is affecting us so harshly is that we have indeed lost touch with ourselves by populating in cramped cities where the virus has a party all night. Moving to the mountains is a major buzz kill for COVID19, and discourages the overwhelming aggressive contraction of the illness through places where people can’t help but congregate every day. To move to the mountains is to up the safety meter, and more families recognize this in their pursuit of an everyday life with increased well-being and less illness. 

Avoidance Maneuver: Mountain retreats to avoid illness 

 These people are incredibly tactile in their approach to survive, and we will see it being taken into consideration even more among the elderly population to reduce human contact. Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of any pandemic includes the isolation necessary to maintain bodily health. We are social creatures, and when the normalcy of everyday living is disrupted, this can take its toll over time. Moving to a condensed mountain community is a smart idea because there are still people you can socialize with and support amid the crisis. With delivery services for food, a no-contact existence apart from your loved ones is more than possible. Many people recognize that they need to branch off from the busy places that increase the risk of contracting COVID19. 

A long term preventative measure

 Moving to the mountains is a long term solution that will help people with isolation without the consequences due to the beautiful landscape. The fresh oxygen and being in nature help stimulate overall health, and you don’t have to be afraid to go outside anymore. Out of this pandemic, we see increased volumes of people packing up and transitioning to mountain living because of its immense effectiveness. The illness may remain as the new seasonal sickness, which calls for a change in lifestyle for some people. For the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions, it may be the safest option. It’s unfortunate to say that the regular morning coffee and paper at your favorite barista may be coming to a halt, but we don’t always know exactly what’s around the corner. Nevertheless, many people are experimenting with the idea of mountain living. 

The therapeutic effect of the mountains. 

 A fresh start is what many people need during this changing and uncertain time of illness and death. There’s nothing more uplifting than seeing an almighty mountain, and having one in your back yard can have a tremendous impact on the psyche from year to year. Being in such a breathtaking scene away from people is what people have deduced as the most logical option for their well-being. As soon as you get that first day of mountain air, it’s difficult to traverse the city’s smog again. Not to mention it literally can boost the immune system when you breathe healthier oxygen and are around more forested areas. Trees and plants everywhere give serenity to the mountains. Here you won’t feel trapped and can explore the expanse of different mountain ranges with an exciting adventure far away from contact with potential carriers.