The Play

I walked into the large theater with my dear friend and cousin, Pryor. We were the only people there. The theater was plain, reminiscent of something in a high school, with gray seats and gray walls. The curtains were a light blue and I could see movement behind them, like someone was setting the stage.

The lights went down and the curtains opened on a group of actors. What unfolded was a combination of great drama, belly-laughing comedy, deep grief and high adventure. It was epic and encompassed the range of human emotions, ending in triumph. The costumes were colorful, the backdrop was intricate, and the acting was magnificent. I’m not sure how long it lasted, maybe hours… 

I was enthralled. 

As the play completed and the curtains closed, we got up to leave the theater.

Then the curtains opened again with the actors lined up to take a bow. I enthusiastically clapped and cheered, along with my cousin. We were a two-man standing ovation for our own private performance. They took a few bows and then…

Each actor took off what appeared to be a mask. What I saw left my mouth open. 

I knew these people. I knew each and every one of them. I not only knew them but they were my dearest friends, my lovers, my family. They were the ones whom I hadn’t seen in a very long time and they had returned. I began crying as they came down off the stage and surrounded me smiling and grateful for our homecoming. Their love was apparent and deep. My heart was full and gratitude filled my being.

The actors had performed so well. Now with their masks off, I saw who they really were. I loved each and every one; no matter if they had played the villain or the hero, the one who broke my heart or the one who survived. I saw them for who they truly were: The Authentic Self.

The tears flowed. It was as if I had been lost and banished from my dearest friends and I had found them again. 

Then a man stepped from the group to embrace me. His gaze went deep into me. 

I asked, “When can I be with you again?”

He replied, “In a year.”

The dream ended and I found myself waking up in my parents’ small cabin in New Mexico. My cousin Pryor was in the next bedroom. 

It was July, 1983.

In July of 1984 the dream became real.

From the book ESSENCE INTO FORM – THE MAGIC AND POWER OF THE TRIANGLE OF MANIFESTATION by Richard L. Powell D.S.S. now available on Amazon.


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    Richard served as a CEO in the business world for over 27 years, he also spent more than three decades in the pursuit of enlightenment, inner advancement and personal growth. Along the way he earned a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and a Master's and Doctorate degree in Spiritual Science from Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy. He has been a Board Member of the University of Santa Monica since 2007 and has facilitated numerous workshops and seminars. As an ordained minister for peace and spiritual harmony, he has traveled the world, both teaching and learning, and continues daily on his journey to personal evolution.