New surroundings, new people, new place, new home; your life is going to change. You are going to make some new relations to whom you only know from some days and now you have to live with them for your whole life. When a girl marries someone, she goes into a new whole world leaving her father house in which she spent her life from childhood. It is painstaking.

Apart from sad and happy moments that a girl is going to experience in her wedding, there are some days of celebration also. Your relatives, friends, guests dance and enjoy. It is like a carnival. And one thing everyone wants to do in it, especially girls; they all want to look beautiful like a queen or gorgeous damsel. So whatever dress you are going to wear or flowers on hairs or anything else you select; your choice but they only look good when your skin is healthy. For you, we are sharing some bridal beauty tips that enhance your skin’s glow more in your wedding.

Here Are The Beauty Tips That You Can Follow Before Your Wedding:

Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing

The most important thing for your skin if you want to look beautiful is to breathe. It needs to breathe whatever beauty products you apply. Hence you should always according to your schedule do Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. This helps in keeping your skin pores open and makes them soft and gentle. When you go outside, apply sun-screen lotion or cream which suits to you and this should be always branded. Don’t compromise on that. You should always use branded beauty products if you care about your skin.



Exfoliation; it feels that you get a new skin when you apply this way of skin cleaning. It helps in reducing dead cells and black heads which close skin pores. This is the reason that you get acnes. It is necessary that before you use any face wash, you should exfoliate your skin. Don’t use any skin products that make it irritate or rash. You can also use home-made scrubs for exfoliation. There are plenty of them available.



A girl never wants to forget her wedding. She always wants to remember it and cherishes the moments that she spent in it. Because this is the day she looks most beautiful than any other days in her life. But for this dream you have to do a little not so hard work.

Get monthly facials six months prior to your wedding. But go patiently. Beauty products cannot do work in one day. They and your skin take time to effect. And if your beauty expert or attendant says for new products to apply, then first ask for a patch test. It is always recommended.

Hair Care


Your face is not only the important feature that attracts attention, your hairs too. Hairs treatments are bit different. If you want shiny moon hairs then get hair spa once in a month. You can also ask for homemade masks for extra hair shine because your beautiful hairs can make the world swirl.

Don’t ignore your hands and feet


“Beauty is in the eyes of beholder.” This adage goes for long time but not on your wedding day because on your wedding day everyone is going to look at you. Suppose that your face looks so gorgeous and your hands so rashed! It should not happen.

You should use olive oil on your hands and feet to make them soft provided they do not look dry. Manicure and pedicure treatment you can take for complete care but if you don’t want to then messaging olive oil is going to work. Besides that, homemade treatments are always the better choice. If you are residing in Jaipur, there are many beauty parlours that provide best treatments at affordable price. You should them check once.

Grooming Is Must


Imagine that when a bear wears jewelry, how does it look like? Only hairs you would see not jewelry. For girls it is always massively important to remain well groomed. Remove hairs from your hands and legs by any hair removal product. You can do it yourself also if you have enough time. Keep your eye brows always creased, any rashes and cuts going to ruin your look and we think that you do not want to look like a female bear on your wedding day!

Balanced Diet


You should not try only to make yourself beautiful from outside but from inside also. If you are not beautiful from inside, then you cannot look from outside. So especially during your wedding, you should take a balanced diet including fruits, nuts, green vegetables and proteins. It is according to your body what suits to you. Drink enough water including lime and coconut and forget your hangouts at KFCs during wedding days. If you cannot control yourself then you can eat healthy and nutritious snacks. It is necessary that you fill your body with required antioxidants and minerals because real glow on your skin doesn’t come from beauty products; it comes from what you eat. So go for real glow rather than momentary. You should not eat everything altogether while keep gaps in your diet.

Meditation & Yoga

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You have applied beauty products and taking balanced diet but these all are not going to work for you if you are stressed from inside. Worries always spoil the look on beautiful faces. Hence meditate, meditate for some minutes at least during your wedding time. Twenty minutes of mediation is enough and can do wonders for your whole body. Do yoga with meditation. Take help of an expert.

Your wedding days are perhaps last days in your native home formally. Because on the last day of your wedding you are going to a new home to begin new period of your life and you are not going to forget it. Look beautiful, look dashing you always wanted. An inch of mistake can ruin everything. So if you can’t bear mistakes then hire professional make-up artist that can make you charismatic on your wedding days or you can also go to budget beauty parlours in jaipur for make-up. What else you want more, any other good tips you want to suggest.

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