At some point throughout our lives, we have asked ourselves “is this all there is to life?” We may have felt stuck and have been looking for a change in our lives, but were unsure where to start. As people are having the desire to change something about themselves or their surroundings they start to imagine what their dream life, dream car, dream vacation, dream job and many other things would be like. And how they could have a much happier and fulfilled life.

As 2020 comes to an end, it is important to find and fully understand your passion and purposes in life for a successful 2021. While chasing after your dream life can be exciting and will allow yourself to be open to many possibilities, it is important to take time to design, execute and plan your dream life. As people, we can be called to fulfill a variety of obligations that may seem far out or unachievable, but know that any part you play is important to be taking one step close to making your dreams a reality. 

Everyone dreams big and has certain ideas about how they want to live their life, but there is not always a clear path that is laid out for you. Leadership Coach, Consultant and Founder of Execute Your Dream program, Shirley McAlpine, is dedicated to helping Black women have access to resources that help them live their lives by design, not by default. Shirley created this program because she wanted to create a platform for women of color to feel empowered and help them create a clear roadmap that will allow them to live their ideal lives without barriers. She leverages more than 25 years of experience in leadership, consulting, individual performance and diversity, equity and inclusion to help women create their ideal lives. Here are some things Shirley recommends you consider if you want to pursue that dream.

Start Asking Questions

Many people do not know where to start even if they are certain that they want to make a change in their life. If you feel like your dream is too big or unachievable, take a step back and ask yourself “what is my purpose for making this change.” “With a clear plan, it’s easier to see what the steps are to achieving what you want,” stated McAlpine.

Believe In Yourself

While planning and executing your dream life, there may be a time where you may lack confidence and feel like your dream is too far away. Doing the work to build your self-esteem is everything in your ability to move forward. “Your confidence is always waiting to be reclaimed with the right work, coaching, support and experiences the growth is possible,” explained McAlpine.

Say Your Daily Affirmations

Saying your daily affirmations are important actions to making your dream a reality because they help have the confidence to move forward and see progress. Shifting your mindset from one of self-limiting beliefs to empowering possibilities will shift your experience, and will improve your results for your ideal life. “Incorporating affirmations and mantras in your daily routine will reset your mind with the positive goals you want to achieve,” explained McAlpine.

Surround Yourself With People Achieving Similar Goals

Surround yourself with people that are on the mission to also create their ideal lives. Like-minded individuals on the same journey as you, will understand your drive, motivation and will help you grow so you can be successful in your dream life. “It is essential to have a network of people that will help you succeed in crafting your ideal life and also give you new ideas and strategies.,” explained McAlpine.

Your Dream Life Is Achievable

No matter what anyone says, your dream life is achievable. “With the right tools, training and support you can have a unique, personalized plan and actions that will leave you excited, inspired and enthusiastic about you and your life,” stated McAlpine. You are the creator of your own life and with the proper planning, execution, confidence and passion anything is possible.

These essential tips are important for all Black women that have ever felt stuck or seeking more out of life. Your dream life is possible and to learn more information about making it a reality, contact Shirley McAlpine by visiting her website at