Do you want to build your career and opportunities? While referrals from happy clients are helpful, the way to really grow after you have been in your field for a while is to become a recognized expert in your field. Here are five ways you can build your reputation as an expert:

Start a Podcast

Becoming a regular podcaster is a good way to build your reputation as someone who provides knowledge and answers to audience questions. If you provide quality podcast content and answers consistently, your audience will look to you as a trusted source and adviser.

Write Articles and Books

Being a published author is another key way to boost your public profile. Submitting articles to well-known journals for your industry is a good way to share your knowledge with other people in your field and promote your personal brand. Writing a book is important for sharing your knowledge but also for the sake of being able to say you’ve written a book.

Give Speeches

Being a guest speaker at a conference will introduce your ideas to a large group of people in your industry. If the advertising for the conference lists you as a guest speaker, it will also be advertising for your brand.

Use Media

If you want to get yourself out there, it is crucial that you use media. Whether you are creating media yourself through blogging and social media posts, or you are using PR to make media appearances across TV, news sites, etc., media is the way to build your brand.

Make Connections

Networking with experts in your field who already have a large following is a good way to build your own. If you are affiliated with an established expert, people who trust that expert are more likely to trust you.

Once you’ve been in your field for a while and accrued knowledge and experience, it’s time to share your wisdom with others. Sharing your knowledge and growing your audience through these five strategies will benefit you, but sharing your knowledge will also benefit others! Your knowledge and experience are valuable. Pay it forward by sharing it!