Reflextion of the week: “Even if nothing changes, if I change, everything changes”

Do you remember the last time you were upset at something someone said or did? Can you recall the emotion you felt? Was it anger, frustration, dismay, disappointment, indignation, or something else?

Now I invite you to review the same incident, but from the perspective of the other person. What if this person was going through some kind of struggle? What if he/she is going through a very unhappy period in his/her life?

Knowing this, would you have reacted differently? Would you feel differently?

It’s mesmerising how a subtle shift in how we perceive a given situation can change what we say, do, or feel about something.

Try it right now, and let me know what you experience.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Please write them in the comments section below.