We are baptized into society with the complications of the mind. And we cry out as the water of programming hits us, confuses us, and transforms us into submission. But today, in this lifetime we are here to change this.

To change the way we perceive society.

To change the way we perceive others.

To change the way we perceive ourselves.

To change society, a change that will ripple across the world will take a different approach.

You will need to sacrifice your mind, your beliefs, what you thought to be true, and willing to be lead by your heart. And cry out to the world you are ready to heal, ready to feel and be the parent you need. Therefore we can change the reality of society and liberate the predators and victims.

Society can’t baptize you and program you without fear, separation, competition, and status, it must keep you in the dark. Keep you a prisoner of generational programming. Keep you addicted to your triggers, your anxiety, and your stress. Keep you from accessing your truth.

Donald Trump has been baptized into the same society we live in. And he too has been a prisoner of his societal programming. His addiction to his triggers, drama, and stress keeps him in his Emotional Dumpster Fire, and not only sabotages him but prevents him from accessing the truths that keep him transfixed in the illusion of his character.

Truths we all face.

Truths that keep us in the same narrow patterns.

Truths that keep us slaves of unconsciousness.

Once we access these truths we begin not only to change ourselves, but we to change society.

The Truth: We Fear Not Being Accepted

Each of us desires to be accepted. Even Donald Trump. It starts in our childhood looking for the safety and security of wanting to be accepted and loved unconditionally.

The programs of society tell us we aren’t accepted by our family, friends, and peers if we think differently, act differently, and behave differently from the norm. Therefore we buy into the epidemic of “Not Being Enough,” and lash out at society.

This can be through bullying, belittling, and other abusive behavior.

When Donald Trump, subconsciously feels he isn’t accepted, he lashes out through tweets, revoking security clearances, threatens tariffs and demonstrates bullying behavior that critics call “drunk with power.”

The evil doppelgänger of acceptance is exclusion.

In a paper published in Current Directions in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, Nathan Dewall states, “Exclusion isn’t just a problem for the person who suffers it, it can disrupt society at large.”

The Truth: We Fear Neglect

The impact of neglect, on the people in our society, will continue to deteriorate the next generation. And when we are neglected we aren’t seen. When we aren’t seen we violently act out like a child. Therefore we feel justified in our violent behavior.

Many of histories most violent crimes were committed by individuals who were neglected not only as kids but as adults. According to Science

Direct, Clinical Psychology Review, “A growing number of studies suggest that child neglect may be equally predictive, or more predictive of adult violent behavior more than child physical abuse.”

When we are neglected we aren’t getting our needs met. Whether it be in the form of child neglect or adult emotional neglect the results are detrimental in our ability to connect.

Narcissists, like Donald Trump, fear nonexistence. We see Donald Trump shouting, “Look at me, I make things better!” “Look at me, I make things bigger! “Look at me, I am the President.”

According to Jonice Webb, Ph.D., on her blog, A Surprising Cause of Narcissism, “The narcissist grows up unseen and unheard. But his/her Emotional neglect is more extreme.”

The Truth: We Fear Our Pain

Whether we acknowledge it or not, pain navigates our life. And by making decisions through the lens of pain we cheat ourselves from a life of joy and authenticity.

We fear, and avoid, getting to know our pain, and like Darth Vader, if we faced our pain we would have to remove the mask and reveal our true selves.

We don’t realize the pain comes from keeping the mask of illusion on. Since the ego is consumed by identity we remain trapped in the pain of not knowing who we are.

Donald Trump is a man in pain. He is caught up in being the conditioned person society created. His ego, like ours, is always filtering realities through languages and labels and is constantly judging.

This judgment started in childhood as he learned the patterns needed to survive in his world. Therefore he, like us, carries the pain that started in his early years and creates a reality based on fear.

If we allow pain to be the teacher it was meant to be we can start to heal. Whether it be the pain of neglect, acceptance, or living a life that enables us to keep the mask on, we need to address our pain if we are to move forward as a society.

To begin the healing process ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • How can I find the space from my youngest, immature conditioned self, and my highest awareness?
  • What age did the pains or patterns start?
  • What triggers you?

You will start to understand our society is being run by that young pain. And that pain steers the ship. It is why we haven’t evolved and matured as a society. But, today in this lifetime we are here to change this.

To change society it is crucial we start by changing the relationship we have with each other. And by understanding our shared fears we start to understand each other instead of judging, shaming and criticizing.

Thriving societies depend on the successful development of its people. It is time to be the change and baptize yourself in a new reality. To create change within yourself, and access your truths, will be uncomfortable. When you feel this unease be excited! It means you are on the road to endless possibilities not only for yourself but for society.