Stop waiting for ‘perfect’ to happen; it’s time to begin.

If you’ve read about the history of Apple, then you know that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started the company in a garage. Hewlett-Packard was created in a garage, too. The company Mattel also began in the founder’s garage. These weren’t the only two companies that started in a garage, as Google was also a product that was created by a bunch of computer geeks in a garage. And last but not least, Jeff Bezos, founder of, came up with the idea for his company in — you guessed it — a garage. (There must be something magical about garages.)

Mark Zuckerberg had the idea of Facebook at school and worked on it in his dorm room. Dell’s founder, Michael Dell also started his company in his dorm room while attending the University of Texas. And don’t forget that the idea for Richard Branson’s Virgin Group began in a church where he ran Student magazine.

I tell you all of these facts, not only because they are interesting, but because too many people wait for the perfect circumstances to begin working. They think that if they can just have a home office, then they will be able to do their best work. Or, “aspiring” writers wait for a cabin in the forest to begin writing their prolific content, but the truth is that the work happens in the every day space that people carve out for themselves, wherever that may be. As I’ve told you before, time doesn’t just come to you, but you have to fight for it.

Realistically, nobody even has the time to only focus on one thing at a time, either. As entrepreneurs are building their businesses, they’re doing something else on the side to bring in income. Another excuse that people use is that if they could just have more money their work could be so much better, but they aren’t willing to work more. Of course, if someone isn’t willing to put in the work, it’s impossible to become more successful.

As Stephen C. Hogan said, “You can’t have a million-dollar dream with a minimum-wage work ethic.” Working anywhere and everywhere on your dreams is the only way to see them happen. This is the way that people have found success since the beginning of time, and it’s not going to change any time soon.

Maybe all of this sounds familiar, and you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to begin. Maybe you’ve looked at where someone else is now and didn’t see the time and effort that went into getting to where they are at today. Trust me when I tell you that the only way to get to where they are at now is to begin working in your garage, in your dorm room, or wherever you find yourself.

Stop waiting for ‘perfect’ to happen; it’s time to begin.

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