Remembering my those initial years, when at school the teachers used to communicate about keeping good habit like ‘wishing a good morning’, ‘doing regular class work’, ‘keeping cleanliness’, etc. During those times, we used to follow them because they were the ones who made us do. Like wise, till date though, there is no one before us, to guide and try inhibiting it. So, naturally, it’s upto us to build up any habit for the betterment in later times. A habit is one that makes life and its daily chores less complicated and it brings upon a systematic change in almost everything.

But the basic thing about setting on a good and a lasting habit is to start correct and through correctly recognizing the time to be devoted towards initiating a good habit, and on a more reliable and a perspective note, one should be concerned about the consequences of the habit, when on a regular track to build it. As we all know, setting a good habit takes time and could be moreover difficult to stick to them for a longer period of time.

I simply believe in processing of wholesome information and on its part becoming full aware, how to set up a habit in a much more simpler way, and on the main part, we should be more conscious of the things, we want to make as part of the life for the betterment. Forming habits takes planning along with your effort and most importantly how you devote your time towards it, simplicates the action. When we feel and realize something good and to be beneficial in later future, we are more likely to inculcate that in our daily lives to become and include it as our habit. But hey! There’s a lot more to be done for getting ahead to create and carry on the habit.

One of the game is created and played by our cognitive senses very well, that makes us do certain things that automatically takes the place as our habits. Whether, it’s good or bad, annoying or weird, we tend to simply walk out of situation, saying that, ‘It’s my usual habit, you’ll understand it soon and will get used to it.’ There are some doings, which takes form in our regular habit. But it is far away from that essential habit, that we want to include in our daily schedule and observe the change.

According to me, for setting up a habit needs work with far more determination to stay on it. Because without that motivation and firm determination, to put in effort becomes difficult to continue at the same phase. At my early times, when I started forming a habit, but as soon as, I wasn’t able to track a single progress in two weeks, I was about to give up thinking that (it’s not my cup of tea), then the drive which kept me going and led me to understand that as good things takes time, like wise in order to set up a particular habit, it would take motivation, determination as well as, patience on it’s part. These three are the initial and the most important parts which could keep us on track for setting up a good habit and for longer term.

Well, when I am trying to communicate with you all, my habits and lifestyle, which has been changed, due to the continuous efforts. I am trying to inhibit feels like the most exciting thing to write about. Yeah, I tried to build up and maintain good habits in me, since my childhood like to keep myself and my things, surroundings tidy and to the best organized, as student doing work given to me on time and I make it sure that I would devote some of my time to painting as it was a new hobby for me at that time. So since when times have been changed, so as the increasing responsibilities. At last, I have broken down or got rid of that habit which I tried to maintain, due to lack of time.

Basically when habits are to be formed, one should be mentally ready and alert to take initial steps, as it’s so obvious that it’s going to be a part of your daily routinal life, and brain has to be set according with vicious plans made. There one of my habit includes, I started it two years back and I am glad, I am still on it. While waking up in the morning I made my habit to drink two glasses of water on empty stomach and not to get in contact with any devices within 2-3 hours of waking up. But till the first two weeks, it was like, sometimes it used to slip out of my mind or sometimes due to my technology craze, I immediately used to check my mails or calls/texts.

Till the ending of first week, I was going to give up this un forming habit, just the reason I didn’t make up my mind early and the thing I was knowing that it’s beneficial for my mind and body, and my motivation wasn’t there anymore. So one day, I stick a note on my bedsheet, so that when I’ll get up, moving out of my covers. I would clicked into my mind to do it. So gradually, doing this motivated me to set this beneficial habit. Hence, now it’s a part of my routine.

If I want to remind or to tell any of my bad habits, they aren’t as such but, since I have crossed my teens, in those days, there was my habit, as far as I remember, but it went away in shorter period of time. It was that I was not good at keeping personal and confidential talks hidden. If supposed I listened to any confidential information I simply just said it to another person, but within 2-3 times of doing it, made me realized of this bad habit. So to break from this habit, I started observing and understanding the intent of every talk and tried not to disclose it to people and for this, I did another things to keep my mind diverted till the next day. But soon, I overcame this habit of disclosing, secret talks. Now I am happy and feel more peace at mind.

Certainly I failed at times when on way to establish or trying to build a habit that could work as good for me. And there is not only one but several habits I tried to build but unfortunately due to lack of time or my priorities to other works, I would easily quit. Since then I understood it’s all in my mind that I couldn’t initiate it properly and couldn’t set my mind for it. There it landed me to think again before I could further form any habit and some points I would highlight regarding this are:

1. It becomes very important to think about why you want to build any habit, and be ready to set your mind according and devote your time.

2. On a second thought, as well as knowing to start anything, the initial key which drives us to do is our motivation and determination, but still hanging on the motivation, wouldn’t help much to stick long, it’s essential to start doing step by step.

3. Starting small is the idea that actually works for the habits to be formed for longer terms, it’s a fact that good things takes time and hard work.

4. Plan accordingly to cover up the long way ahead, by thinking all kinds of options and deciding when to apply these for working toward building the habit.

5. All of the above, if want to improve for good, it’s critical to avoid the ‘ifs’ and ‘then’, which can be a major roadblock and could stop you or could easily make you quit, that’s why being mentally ready is necessary.

6. The most brilliant point, which I always remind myself is ‘the thing which I started, I shall have to get it done’, make this as one of your motto to excel at anything.

Hope in this fast paced lives, we all could live up and take time out for what we want to have at our daily best.


  • Shaima Khan

    Founder Of Artizone Information, who has interest in content creation and managing web analytics

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