All the toughest challenges in life we face prepare us for the better and the stronger tomorrow and push us to the next level. I was an uncontrollable, vulnerable piece of energy. Multiple mentors, coaches, bosses and friends have channelized, tamed, guided and coached me towards the better over the years.

Personally, I believe we should never consciously take any decisions which narrow down our horizons for our growth and of our expansion. The thing that kept me going all through was my childlike faith and belief towards life and knowing that I’ve done no wrong and I deserve and have the right to live life fully and not live a half-hearted life!

People take advantage of us, put us down zillion times. Finally we learn to take control over the balance sheet, the EBITDA of life, learn when to run, when to slow down and enjoy and when to let go and I feel I never really had such clarity. Balancing and championing the 360 degrees of life is not easy, and often unheard of as it involves hard work and letting go of our ego! Waiting for every day to begin with happiness and hope and not irritated of the mondays and no more wait for weekends or vacations and still being consistent, enigmatic, graceful and self-aware….This is true freedom! When we evaluate and decide our own metrics, not the ones what people throw at us what they think their metrics of success are!

“Will you be my mentor?”, which was an outlandish question before, It is no more now! I am always in search of the opportunity to strive for and ‘BE’; People define us with various adjectives; Finally who are you to yourself…What are you when you stand in front of the mirror! That defines everything. THANK YOU for being there!! Thank you. Thank you. 🙂