Everybody’s lonely. Until you meet and know your soul.

It totally resonated with me when Elon said “…no one there — and no one on the pillow next to you. Fuck…”

Most think life is about having a family, being part of a family. Having friends, money, fast cars and now spaceships. But even when people have everything they think makes life ‘perfect’, there can still be deep loneliness. Lots of distractions get in the way of us uniting with our soul. Good ones, bad ones, neutral ones, busy ones. In the end soulful companionship is what life is all about. The question is with whom?

Recently I read an article published a few months ago in Rolling Stones magazine where Elon Musk showed his heart on his sleeve. Side note: I learned about Elon’s existance on the planet only a few months ago. When I first heard him speak, I knew that one day I would meet him. I instantly grew to be a big fan of the guy and now an even bigger fan. Why? not for all the reasons everyone else loves him but because he allowed himself to be vulnerable. He spoke his heart to someone who was going to document every word, every quiver and any tear that might swell or be shed. And most likely misrepresent him in some, if not many ways.

My friend who sent me the article knows how much I admire Elon. She thought that I wouldn’t be so attracted to what the reporter called out as ‘textbook codependence’ when referring to his personal relationships. This was in reference to Elon saying “If I’m not in love, if I’m not with a long-term companion, I cannot be happy”. Despite what the report deducted, I didn’t see him as a weak soul needing another to make his life happy. Instead I raved about how in touch with his soul he may be.

I totally identified with his loneliness. Not because I need someone or he needs someone. For me I can say that having another person on the planet who knows you and gets you on a glactical level is a beautiful & rare thing. When we go for a lifetime and don’t find them, inevitably we’re going to feel lonely.

The reporter did go on to say “It is lonely at the top. But not for everyone. It’s lonely at the top for those who were lonely at the bottom.” True, so true. Because it always has been and forever will be lonely until you connect with the deepest parts of your soul. And soulmates, Divine compliments, glactical partners, whatever you want to call them don’t necessarily come along every day. I believe Elon is looking for his galactical kin that can also be his human earth plane soul mate. And maybe take a few trips to Mars together even if it remains in another dimension until Space X figures out all the kinks to launching rocket travel & holidays to Mars.

Here’s the trick. We meet those galactical partners when we find our own soul first. For those of us not looking to settle for anything other than a Divine Compliment, we’re searching / waiting for that signature vibration that we experience with deep soul familiarity. I have so much to say about this as my personal journey is loaded with big love, big heartbreak and cycles that suck followed by bliss. All in my quest to be happy as a human. Which is why I’m excited to unexpectadly be writing my book “Big Love — Fuck Forever & Focus on Now” to help stop the suffering. It gauges us back into our inner soul work instead of trying to find ‘the one’ to launch us to the moon and back. The Galactical partner will only arrive when one knows their soul. It can be a ‘slowly — slowly’ process, as we say here in Bali.

For many, it’s the darkest of times that lead us to learn that our soul is speaking to us loud and clear at ALL times. Because for most of us, we’re tough cookies. We’re programed to make it happen, be happy, and if we’re not — find distractions / activities that appeal to our outer selves. When the reality is that it’s always the inner self that has the longing. Not to belong but to BE. To express oneself. To not judge oneself. To know oneself and to share oneself with another, unconditionally.

If you find yourself thinking ‘what the hell is she talking about?’ Please pause for a moment and you’ll know, exactly what I’m talking about. That longing for something more. There’s no amount of money, no perfect partner and no dream job that gives you the unconditional love that your soul desires for your self. We have so many beautiful souls that came to demonstrate this for us, Marilyn Monroe, Robin Williams, Ernest Hemmingway, Vincent Van Gogh, need I go on?

Many of us wait to do the work until things get bad. Well, actually unbearable. Then action is inevitable. It’s like no choice, finally makes us desire a choice. To live differently, to love more and above all else love ourselves. When we do, our soul shines through.

I can’t think of anything better then to want to shine pure light and love onto the world. When we do we can be “Pollinating the Planet with Love” together. And by the way, don’t you think the planet is screaming for this now more than ever? As I sit here waiting for Mount Agung in Bali to blow its top any day with potentially a very explosive eruption and the fires in CA are burning down peoples homes. Planetary choas or Divine order?

With bliss and love from Bali, BB

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All quotes and photos of Elon Musk taken from his interview with Rolling Stones Magazine.

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