There’s a scripture in the Holy Bible that can make prayer seem daunting.  1 Thessalonians 5:17 (NLT) tells us “Never stop praying.” How is that even possible?  We have stuff to do.  Who’s going to go to the grocery, pick up my husband’s dry cleaning, and run my company if I never stop praying.  It perplexed me so much as a young Christian, then I figured it out. Now,  I pray every day, all day. Let me tell you how.

Morning Prayer For Guidance and Provision 

I start my day in meditative prayer, seeking God’s plan.  I pray for guidance on how to manage my workout schedule, writing schedule, my son’s schedule, and any work and family responsibilities I have.  Maybe there is a friend who needs my support and that’s how I’ll spend my day. I simply start by asking, “God, what’s the plan?” Then I talk it through with him, listening carefully to the little voice inside of me. Once we determine the plan for the day, I ask for what I need to get it all done. I might need energy, focus, money, time, help, etc. Whatever it is, I go about my day knowing it has been provided for me. 

Prayers of Gratitude 

I search for ways to be grateful.  The more I pray with gratitude, the more things I find for which to be grateful. I say a little prayer, “Thank you God,” whenever I spot a rainbow, a family, a new spring sprout or a sale on my favorite coffee.  I challenge myself to find fifty things a day. That’s fifty prayers.  

Prayer Not to Lose My Ish 

Throughout the day, I pray for peace, calm, and serenity. When an impatient person honks their horn while I wait for a child to cross the street, I pray.  When a cashier is rude to me, I pray.  When the same coffee that was $5.99 last week is $9.99 this week, I pray.  Praying in these moments keeps me sane. Before I get angry, offended, or judgmental, I pray.  

“Before I get angry, offended, or judgmental, I pray”

Prayers for Others 

At some point in my life I realized that I only prayed for myself and for people I know. So, now I pray silently when I see an overwhelmed mom, a worried dad, a lonely teenager, or an overworked cashier. When a brouhaha erupts on social media, I pray. When someone is driving too fast, I pray for their protection. My day is filled with praying for others which keeps my heart full of God’s love and kindness.  

Prayer for Inspiration. 

I’m a writer and my desire is to write only what God wants the world to hear. I don’t want to waste a single word. On the days when my step count is low and my word count is high, I’m in constant prayer talking to God about my work.

Evening Prayer for Wisdom and Forgiveness

These prayers for gratitude, inspiration, and peace come during eyes wide open activity throughout my day.  However, when it quiets down and all my cray is done, God and I recap my day. I ask him to teach me lessons on all the things that happened. I’m determined to be better tomorrow than I was today.  I thank him for every lesson learned.  Then I pray for the people I love…and the ones I don’t like so much.  I forgive their shortcomings and pray I be forgiven of my own.

We’ve convinced ourselves that prayer must be a quiet and contemplative, down on our knees with our eyes closed experience.  Sometimes, it is. But most of the time prayer is just going about your day talking to God.  That’s how a prayer life is built.  That’s how I stay grateful, kind, focused, and sane.