Daniela Lewandowski launched her brand, Opal + Sage, in 2018, with the goal of helping individuals enhance their everyday well-being. The company has been thriving ever since, and what started out as a part-time job has now become a full-time gig for Daniela, allowing her to improve more lives with her brand’s collections of crystals. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Daniela about her journey creating Opal + Sage, how she works to overcome burnout, and how her brand has helped her build a purposeful life.

What inspired you to create Opal + Sage?
Crystals of course! Along with a passion for creating and branding. I thought if I put the two together, I could come up with a modern way to present and offer crystals for people to enjoy in their daily life and homes, as well as creating a unique gifting experience for friends and family.

What made you take the leap to focus your work full-time on Opal + Sage?
My first summer of juggling in between jobs including Opal + Sage was busy, and I felt exhausted afterwards. So, to prepare for the next Christmas Season I decided to solely focus all my energy on my business. It was a big decision to make but I felt this was the right one, as my business, customers and most importantly myself deserved to not face a potential burn out.

What’s been the biggest challenge in building your brand?
The biggest challenge so far and ongoing has been, keeping up with demand & sourcing products. As with only one person running Opal + Sage, it can be challenging to keep up with all the aspects of operating a business. We have recently become a team of 3 to help run things a little more smoothly.

How did establishing Opal + Sage help you find meaning and purpose in
your work?

I am passionate about my brand and enjoy work, especially working on new creations that I can add to the collection. It is important for me to create with no limits and at my own pace. Opal + Sage allows me to do that.

How have you maintained your physical and mental wellness while dealing with the stresses of running your own business?
To be honest, I would not exactly call myself a role model in maintaining my physical and mental wellness at all times. However, since running my own business I have learnt where my limits are. This means identifying when you get over worked and knowing when to stop and take care of yourself. Also learning when to ask for help or delegating task to others. When we have our own business we often fall into thinking, I am the best and only person to get the job done right. This is not a good way of thinking in the long run.

What advice do you have for other aspiring entrepreneurs?
Dream big, make it happen, be patient and kind with yourself. There is nothing wrong with dreaming big when it comes to creating your own brand. It is important you have high expectations in order to drive you. Believe in yourself, launching your own business can be extremely scary at times. You might think it’s a great idea one minute and the next you might doubt yourself a little and wonder who would ever support your brand. Choose wisely who you share your ideas with, sharing and asking for opinions from friends and family can be beneficial and a great way to
receive feedback, but it can also break your ambition, as everyone wants to put their own two cents in. This is your dream and not theirs. So just remember that. Perhaps only choose a handful of people you can ask for advice in the process. Make it happen, launch your new brand or that new product you have been thinking about for a while now, you will only know once you make it happen. You might just surprise yourself. Most importantly, be patient with the whole process and be kind to yourself.

What self-care tips do you have for other aspiring entrepreneurs?
Sleep! As much as I enjoy my work, you won’t find me working and staying up late at night. Make sure you do not deprive yourself from a good night’s rest. Your body and mind will thank you for it.