Disney is undisputedly one, if not, the most recognized and inspiring brand in the world. Many are overwhelmed with feelings of nostalgia or can recall the life lesson played out while watching their favourite Disney film. My personal favourite is The Lion King. I must say that I am excited for the release of the new, live-action version and can’t wait to watch it with my children. No matter how you cut and paste it, I think that everyone can use a little more Disney in their life – including businesses.  Some of our favourite Disney classics present many core values that can shape and create the strongest foundation and culture for most businesses (and their owners). Since culture is the soul and operating system of a business, I thought it would be cool to share my top 10 Disney life lessons that can be applied as core values and philosophies within a business:

1.    Hakuna Matata

·      Source: The Lion King

·      Summary: Stop worrying and don’t take life too seriously. 

2.    Self-Discovery

·      Source: Beauty & The Beast

·      Summary: True beauty is found within.

3.    Be Kind

·      Source: Cinderella

·      Summary: Have courage. If you do what is right, even when the odds are against you, you will be rewarded.

4.    Faith

·      Source: Peter Pan

·      Summary: Believe in yourself always. Even more so when others doubt and discourage you. 

5.    Persistence

·      Source: Finding Nemo

·      Summary: When life gets you down, you just have to keep going. 

6.    Relentless

·      Source: Up

·      Summary: Age is just a number. Be persistent with your dreams, as many adventures still await. 

7.    Respect

·      Source: Aladdin

·      Summary: Never judge a book by its cover, it’s the inside that counts.

8.    Be Curious

·      Source: Alice in Wonderland

·      Summary: Don’t feel trapped in your circumstances at the moment. Explore and be curious, this is how you grow. 

9.    Take Chances

·      Source: Mulan

·      Summary: Take bold bets on new things. Find your inner warrior. 

10. Get out of your comfort zone

·      Source: Tangled

·      Summary: If you’re not uncomfortable, then you’re probably not learning or changing fast enough. Get out of your comfort zone

What’s your favourite Disney movie? What lessons did you learn that others can carry over into their business?