“It’s quite hard to be a women,

You must think like a man,

Act like a lady,

Look like young girl,

And work like a horse.”

It has been so long that the world continues to talk about the lack of women in the tech industry– But does it mean it has to stay that way forever? Probably Not! Although, more and more resources are being created to help women break into the technology industry still the tech world can turn out to be the scariest places in the world, trust me I know! And it’s even scarier knowing that you can be widely outnumbered by the other gender. At times one may feel like to turn around (escape from reality) and run towards a place you feel like you do belong. But I would rather say that stop running. Do you know why?

First, it feels empowering!

Learning the fact that despite being a “women” you can create something amazing just the way a man does can make you feel strong & confident. And writing something that first looks like nonsense is absolutely crazy but when your code works, it feels like anything in the world can work for you. An overwhelming sense will be felt and you won’t stop smiling. After all, by being a girl/women making mind-blowing things happen, you are proving those close-minded geeks wrong. It’s more like breaking an uncountable amount of stereotypes.

Second, it’s Great Future Career

The tech industry is forever crying out for talent and it seems that, at the moment, the world needs best software developers. Therefore, you will come across hundreds of thousands of job opportunities for professionals, be it software developers/ programmers or engineers. Apart from this, if you want you can work for any company or work for yourself as a freelancer! How about working for freakin’ Google?

Third, it’s quite entertaining as well!

The moment you stop thinking about all of the hard work and determination coding takes, everything becomes a real fun for you. I mean you don’t scream out for FREEDOM on the literal basis. The world is your code where you can do anything whether it’s about creating cat pictures or a digital wand for your trip to Hogwarts or innovative smartphone apps that may hit Google play store one day.

Fourth, Brag about yourself (with grace)

Oh, Come on, now! You just created a code! Taking something from your own brain and creating something new in the world is not an easy job, after all. So, beautiful goddesses, take pride in that. To get there you may fall ample of times but the secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times. And you know what, nothing can go wrong from a person doing good, coding is the greatest good in the tech industry. So, Kudos to the effort, Ms. incredible!

Fifth, you might create a history!

Changing the stereotype mentality that males can do technical tasks way better than females is easier said than done. In reality, we are right in the middle of an exciting (and intense) gender equality movement. Learning to code and building the next wave of technology is one of the sure fire ways that you can affect what history books are incorporated with. By becoming an empowered woman, you are empowering every girl who hears of your technical superpowers.

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Sixth, Tech job is simply amazing!

Two decades ago, the Internet was the shiny new object in the room whereas the Worldwide Web was just emerging as a new paradigm for communication and commerce. As a result, soon we found that the world is running over with different possibilities. Today, the Internet has not only fulfilled those nascent dreams but more importantly, it has ended up becoming the undisputed foundation of the digital age. Right from choosing a white collar hacker, where you hack for a company to make sure their site is secure to working for NASA, Homeland Security, or Google. Moreover, you can even design your own app such as Whats App, Snapchat that could turn you into a million dollar venture.

Final Verdict

The history of computer programming is also part of the history of women. This is a space to which ladies have always belonged. By learning to Code you are doing your part to restore balance to that space, and I’m simply honored to have been allowed to participate. So make the most out of it! Do you feel inspired now? Heck yeah!