If you are feeling consumed by worry and fear during this global pandemic, you’re certainly not alone. This is especially a unique time as worldwide we are all fighting the same war against the invisible (Covid-19). We each have been and will continue to be impacted in some way and with different levels of variance.

This is a pivotal time globally as we find ourselves standing at the cross roads having to drastically refine and create new routines, and make important decisions on a daily basis. We are all picking-up the pieces and trying to make sense of things as we work to rebuild and put what we can back together again…adjusting to the new normal.

As we move into times of accelerating change and deepening uncertainty – it’s more important than ever to stay grounded and present and deepen our level of consciousness. It’s because of this that we have this ability to understand the way we connect – this is a freedom to decide on how we are going to use this unique liminal period of time.

We are living within a gateway between one world and the next – this is an invitation to break-through the past and imagine our world anew. We can choose to walk through this portal or not; but remember that change will come even if you’re standing still.

It’s in the midst of chaos that we need to ask ourselves;

Who do we want to be?”

“Who is in charge – the thinker, or our thoughts?”

“How do we show-up and contribute with others?”

Together we can bridge chaos into collective resilience. And it starts with our individual thoughts that creates a ripple effect and flow into the lives of others. This is part of the chaos theory.

The meaning of our lives perhaps isn’t in the scope of our understanding – but we must live with a sense of curiosity and seek the many reasons to keep on going even during the most difficult of times.

If we look to nature it can perhaps provoke a deeper understanding of how reality actually works. Many of us have heard of the butterfly effect – this is the idea behind Edward Lorenz which eventually became a law that stated ‘sensitive dependence upon initial conditions.’ The flap of a butterflies wings is a part of the initial conditions of a connected complex web – one set of conditions (or the flap of a wing) is said to lead to a tornado while the other set of conditions doesn’t.

Just imagine if each and every one of us understood the power and effect that a small action can make…

It’s valuable to observe which laws we as humans have in common with the rest of nature and which differentiate us. When we take the time to understand the interconnected layers; our approach to life will shift to a deeper level of consciousness and our relationship to Earth will also be transformed. We will begin to walk, see, and care differently in every facet of our lives.

After all, we are just one person out of billions throughout the world; but this means there are billions of change agents worldwide!

Everything is connected.

This is not about butterflies or weather patterns – this is about finding our why and continuously searching for our individual purpose. Those that have a why – will find that it’s easier to bear anything.

Sadly, many of us would rather sleep-walk our way through each day, and live in a comfort zone bubble until something happens to wake us up. We are certainly living through many catastrophic events that will leave some of us feeling more vulnerable and weak. It’s especially during these times that bring us back to our inner selves – often asking many why’ questions.

The reality is we don’t know how long we have, and the length of time will be different for each of us. The moment we were born we were given a life sentence, but let’s not think of it as life expectancy. Think in the terms of “what can we each intentionally do – and “what do we each expect from life?”

It might be interesting to rewind back to when we were birthed and in our mothers love of homecoming and shelter. The reunion between humans and nature was silent as we mysteriously evolved from which everything begins and in which much ends.

And with each passing year gazing through the windows to nature as our first connection with true wonder. Then later running wild and free while unknowingly planting seeds to root pivotal growth and change. It’s said by the age of 7 years old we birth conciseness.

Now let’s fast-forward to our elder selves when we realize there is less time in front of us then behind us. As we age everything seems to intensify, and we become more honest and perhaps maybe less compromising. You could say it’s in our pre-and-post years that we are our most authentic selves.

“How well do we really know ourselves?” This is a simple but a complex question.

When we think about our identity; there has to be something underneath. This is coming to a place of realization that is followed by an action driven process of shedding what we may have created or associate ourselves with. It’s vital to release what no longer serves us or fits into our current elevation in life and future outlook. It is difficult letting go of what restricts us – but we must create a space that allows us to continuously grow, survive, and thrive.

It’s important to have a conscious framework requiring us to practice self-awareness and adjust our approach at every level of elevation.

How we see ourselves matters. It is liberating to be yourself, and provides a personal freedom where there is no competition. It’s more often than not that the image we see of ourselves is not what the rest of the world sees.

“How would you like or wish others think of you?” This is about possibility and potential – it’s not fake or pretending. Think of persona as a wish bone and evolve because of this. There will be many crossroads but each pivotal shift is an interval of possibility and an opportunity to resetrefine, and live-out our why.

Mahatma Gandhi states “The future depends on what we do in the present.”

Think of it as butterflies are pollinators, and we are all micro-influencers that are layered with our unique strengths, skills, talents, and experiences. And equally applying balance when we are not over or under utilizing our gifts and energies.

If we slow down and look even in the midst of chaos and hardship; life and wonder are all around us thriving and so is the same opportunity to impact and make a difference even in the smallest of ways. We must believe that just one person’s effort can save a life, empower a community, and create meaningful change globally.

We are living in uncertain times with no shortage of pressing problems that will require us to lean-in and collaborate together. Let’s share our testimonies and generate discussions around how we are each addressing the challenges that dwell in our world today.

The next time you see a butterfly and admire in wonder – ask yourself “what does your butterfly effect look like and what future are you creating?”

Your life is your message.

Take this ‘life inventory’ with me today and realize that as we move our wings through life that a single action will cause a reaction far beyond this moment and time. Be inspired and believe that you too can make a difference and that every choice, every movement, and moment matters.


  • Sarah Fisher


    LifeOrbit, LLC.

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