Everything that is happening to you is happening for you. 

Life is a journey filled with ups and downs. I used to envision the perfect life for me to be one where everything I desired would come easily. I envisioned a straight line leading me to be exactly where I wanted to be. However, my journey always seemed to be one where that line zigzagged and took some dips up and down. What I have come to realize is that those dips up, down, two steps back, and even sideways serve a purpose. They teach us the importance of perseverance, overcoming fear, and give us the opportunity to evolve.

In those moments where you question yourself because your path has taken a difficult turn —whether it is a loss, rejection, or another obstacle —don’t lose that faith that better things are ahead. Without those tough experiences we wouldn’t appreciate the good that life has to offer. Times of struggle can be our greatest teachers, and they are reminders to be thankful for the times where we are content and fulfilled. The gloomy phases make us appreciate the moments we have that are filled with happiness and laughter. Without one aspect we wouldn’t understand the other. The tough times pave the way for greater blessings and align us to what is ultimately meant for us.

When you approach difficulties, remind yourself that they are temporary. Ask yourself:

“What can I take away from rejection or failure?”

“What can I do differently when I go at it again?”

“How did that person influence my life?”

Now when you make it out of that dip in the road and over that hill, ask yourself:

“How do I feel reaching my goal?”

“How do I feel to be living out my dream?”

“What can I take away from my treasured relationships?”

“Would I feel this way and be who I am now had my path been a straight line?”

Everything in life is for your greatest good.

Originally published at www.marlenerjennings.com


  • Marlene Jennings

    Author/Wellness Practitioner

    Marlene Jennings is an author and Certified Life Coach focusing on mindset, career alignment, and inner healing. She has attended numerous workshops related to well-being and has contributed articles to several platforms aimed at improving the ways in which we think and live our lives.

    As a student of life she is dedicated to sharing her wisdom learned thus far in order to help others live out to their greatest potential.

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