Everything is bound by the resistance of it. A building is standing because it is resisting its fall on the ground. A vehicle is moving as it is moving through tractive resistances. Electric current becomes usable because of resistances applied. Our brain operates because of continuous resistance of ‘pain and uncertainty’ it faces. The illusion sees as if the resistance can be or has been undone-hence dullness, decay.

Nothing can exist without contrasting features, day-night, hot-cold, without gap between polarities, today-tomorrow, action-result, without contrasting feelings, pain-pleasure, stress-relief.

We avoid facing fundamental resistance which life presents to us time and again when we encounter discomforting, irritating situations. We are attracted by religious-spiritual and other ideas as if discomfort, irritation, we face is something ‘wrong’, ‘alien’ as if some permanent solution lies somewhere. We are carried away as if someone else (guru and so on) has comfortably solved the enigma of life, that is, has ended the resistance.

If there is no resistance, there is no life. Once you see this, totality takes over.

You feel resistance –

When you face confusing choices;

When something unpalatable happens;

When you feel uneasy, uncertain about the outcome of any action;

When your relations do not behave as you want;

When your ideas are challenged;

When you commit some error and you are labelled as wrong.

When the nervous system experiences this resistance, this pain – what you do, you try to throw the resistance out of you mind. There is no place to throw it.

Once you see this, the whole energy is here.