Officially being in business for 3 years now this January I can tell you good things actually one better, GREAT things take time.

In January of 2015 I relocated to Boston from New York not knowing anything or anyone except my one cousin in Brookline and a friend in Beverly. They had already built their worlds here so not living super close to either of them I knew I had to learn the ropes myself of what is was like to relocate and completely start my life over.

In the beginning I hated it . Hate is a strong word but sometimes admitting to yourself the absolute truth of things really puts them in perspective when you are looking back three years later and seeing how you can’t even believe you could have HATED something. Especially NOW when I don’t know what would do if I didn’t live here!

When I first moved to Boston from New York, I worked on Top Chef Season 12 as the assistant stylist to Padma Lakshmi! It was an amazing experience and I couldn’t thank enough to my producer and friend Ally Klein for the amazing opportunity.

Once the show was over, everyone went back to NY and LA and there were so MANY pressures to figure out how to make a living. I didn’t have the contacts I had in New York nor the friendships .  It was time to rebuild!

Rebuilding is TOUGH , TOTALLY SUCKS but THREE years later, I can tell you, it was ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! 

I decided to learn how to build a business through social media. If you are feeling undecided and waiting for what’s NEXT for you..DO some research on social media, ask questions and UTILIZE the internet! It is SO amazing to see what you can do with your life when you put your mind to something and want to learn.

Three years upon relocating I have built my own podcast system in my closet (started with around 150 listeners in 2015) to now 200K LISTENERS in 2017!

With a background in PR and NOT having the local contacts needed to get my clients the right publicity I decided to take an action. I decided NO was never going to be the answer. Three years upon relocating and not getting responses from local media that I needed to get my clients to the next step, I have created a magazine in print in digital through lessons from the INTERNET and now have 5k READERSHIP quarterly after only 1 year!!!!!

So to circle back to the topic, good things to take time. I am taking a course with Heather Burgett on how to grow your PR realm who actually informed me on THRIVE Global. I decided I was going to take a chance and share my story to help you know, you can ABSOLUTELY get everything you want and need in this life, it just takes time. It for sure will NOT always on your timing. Rejection is part of it, but it will take you to an even better place then you EVER could have expected!

Hope you enjoyed my story and inspiration!

Check me out at @jzsocialenterprises @nextonscene,