“Energy goes where attention flows”, “Thoughts become things” and even “Your vibe attracts your tribe”; I bet you heard these before right?

These are all well-known mottos of the Law of Attraction crew, and the idea that’s passing is that when you consistently think about something with intention, that thing will manifest in your reality.

Which is only half, if not a quarter of the real story.

What if there was something more than this idea of “over the counter” manifesting technique?
What if there was something bigger than us that flows and brings us in certain experiences for a specific reason, whether we want to manifest them consciously or not?

And most importantly, what if there was a better way to manifest what your soul needs (and not what your ego wants?)

Some people are much better at manifesting than we are, right? They seem to always get what they want in a direct, fast and almost scary way. They must be doing something different for sure!

I’ll tell you what they’re doing: they’re doing the boring stuff. There, I said it.

We all want a quick fix. “I’ll think about this for 5 minutes, send it to the Universe and then bitch about it not coming for a month until I forget about it and get to the next thing”. This attitude doesn’t work and for obvious reasons.

  1. Your desires are for the most part NOT truly yours. They come from the ego, from your family, from societal standards and so on.
  2. You’re trying to manifest something from the same mindset where that thing is lacking. Result? You manifest more of that NOT something.
  3. You’re trying to start a car with no gas. Yes, you’re taking the right steps, yes you have a working engine… but what’s missing is the main “ingredient”.
  4. You’re not living in the moment, absorbing the learnings from your present state before getting to the next thing (the manifestation you want to become a reality).

The people who are succeeding in manifestation are doing all these things and more:

  1. They are doing lots of inner work to release the desires that are not truly theirs (that university degree, the house in that specific neighborhood, that brand, that trip in that place, even the desire to get on one specific spiritual path…) Everything goes through a “cleansing” process that will only leave what’s truly a desire of the soul.
  2. They are doing some more inner work to release limitations, beliefs, past trauma and fears that might be hindering the best life they’re manifesting.
  3. They are co-creating with universal energy instead of trying to manifest from their own energy (I’ll get more in detail about this in a few lines)
  4. You can bet people that are successfully manifesting their desires are treasuring everything that happens in their lives and taking everything as a lesson. They’re not dismissing anything and learning from everything.

So, how to get through these four steps like master manifesters? Point 1 and 2 are pretty self-explanatory, but so is point 4: you got to do the inner work, learn from your experiences (before the Universe turns up the volume and s**t hits the fan). We all have to do this work. That’s why we came onto this planet in the first place.

What about Point 3? What is this “co-creation”? It all starts from the inner work: that’s where you start manifesting, even if the connection is not so clear to us.

Going through the process of constantly processing, learning and releasing puts you automatically on the best path for you. When you process, release and do the inner work, actively manifesting things becomes almost obsolete.

I want you to think about some of the best things that happened in your life: did you really sit and did visualization exercise to manifest it?

Most of the best things that happened in my life happened not because I was actively manifesting them. They happened as a consequence of things I learned, experiences I processed and the inner work.

My husband? A surprise after I spent one year processing a failed long-term relationship.

My first freelance business as social media strategist? It came out of nowhere while I was running my own blog (which had nothing to do with social media).

My coaching and energy healing business? It unraveled beautifully throughout the years, a consequence of all the inner work on myself, my work with clients and a hard experience I had in my late twenties.

Now think about the worse things that happened in your life. Did you manifest them actively? I’m guessing you didn’t. Could it be that something that wasn’t processed kept running in your subconscious and it brought that manifestation into your life? What if you started building the roof now that the sun is shining instead of waiting for heavy rain?

If at this point you still want to learn how to manifest the right way (I mean, the whole story) I have the answer for you.

The LoA is not telling you the most important thing: first, do the inner work (“ok, we got it, get to the point” I hear you say), second, manifest from a meditative state.

This is the key.

You can’t manifest by just thinking about something. You have to first immerse yourself in the emotional state of what you want to manifest. But that’s also not enough.

You have to be in those brain waves you’re in when you dream. Or when you are in deep meditation. 

You might already be familiar with this theory, but I find that it’s not repeated enough: theta waves are the key to make things happen in co-creation with the universal energy and therefore, to manifesting things into our plane of reality.

This is the basic concept of ThetaHealing®, the energy modality I tend to use in my practice.  The same concept lies at the core of all energy-related healing modalities. Whether they call them “theta waves” or “meditative state”, the concept is the same: you need to get in a deep state of relaxation to do any kind of energy work, including manifestation.

If “binaural beats” ring a bell for you, you probably already are familiar with the concept of brainwave frequencies. When theta binaural beats are played, the brain goes into the Theta range (4Hz – 8Hz). While there are conflicting opinions about the science behind this, what binaural beats do for sure is that they help you get relaxed when you listen to them, therefore they help you get into a Theta state. 

You can naturally get into Theta waves and it happens when you’re in a certain phase of your sleep, when you’re in meditation, and even when you’re in a deep creative state (ever experienced those moments when you completely lose track of time and get into full creation mode?)

These concepts need to become basic concepts in LoA circles too. This needs to be said, and repeated, and repeated.
Because you can never create alone: you are always co-creating with universal energy.

And the way to co-create with universal energy is to get connected with universal energy: you do this by getting into a meditative state… and ONLY THEN, bring about your manifestations through visualization and emotions.

Sounds to easy? It’s extremely simple as any 3-step something: do the inner work, meditate, manifest. But it’s not easy. Because your ego will get in the way. It won’t accept with gratitude, let go what’s not truly yours and in general, it will make a fuss. Especially when you’re trying to get into that meditative state.

But it is possible. All of this is possible, and more than that: it’s your natural state of Soul. The sooner you get back to it (and the more often you go back to it) the better things will start to flow, with synchronicities, magic and an overall “wow” factor added to your life.