Many people may wonder how human beings will evolve over the next 100 years. Will we still look the same or think the same type of thoughts? Could we even become part human and part robotics as we progress? These questions can be answered by looking back in our historical pasts. Certainly people in the twenty-first century do not look like cave dwellers. We can certainly paint a picture about a possible makeup of our actual vs projected looks in the future.

The first thing to consider would be our physical appearance. Will our heads be a different shape in the future – like extreme oval or diamond shape perhaps? Will we taller or shorter, hands and feet larger or smaller maybe? Certainly our physic will change with our environment. We could possibly be taller and thinner than present and hands and feet longer. Our eyes may also be bigger and more like ovals – bulging from our skull.

It has been projected that we will even be more like humanoids or android beings. The homo sapien or human being may even cease to exist! Robotics will take over manufacturing of products and food in the future. People who look forward to the future progress may find themselves looking back into our history and wishing they were back in time! We can only hope for the best for humankind!

Our brains may also develop differently to cope with extreme amounts of knowledge that will have to be learned. It is quite possible that we will also have brain implants to view information in our future. If we even think of something we would like to happen, it may appear quickly in front of us. Our eyes may even be able to see things miles away with a type of telescopic vision built into our very brains! We also may have the capability to see through things in a realistic sense – much like Superman with his X-ray vision.

All of these things will unfold gradually as we move throughout the decades ahead of us. We can surmise what may happen while in a realistic sense, our progress may move totally opposite in reality. All we need is patience, understanding and a aptitude for learning new things. Many, many new things each day as we more forward in our time. Only time will tell – if time is still a factor, that is!