I was sitting having tea with a friend of mine — a bit wiser in her years.  I love this woman as I can always rely on her to teach me something new.  Again, she didn’t disappoint.

Our discussion centered around my youngest son.  I spent a considerable amount of time throughout sharing why it was that I never moved away from my ex (his dad) despite the many opportunities that had come my way over the years. 

My reasoning was simple.  In my heart, doing so just never felt right.  I knew my son needed the regular, tangible connection with his father that he relished.  Out of love for him, I never wanted to disrupt this.  The price was just too high in my opinion.  

Listening intently, my friend responded with two words that I’d never heard before, “Heart Right.”  My confused expression compelled her to explain further.  I had never heard of this expression before.   

She went on to say,”Heart Right is when you know in your heart that something is right and despite all else, choose to listen.” 

I immediately fell in love with the phrase as it captured exactly how I had been feeling so perfectly.  I’d never felt more grown-up nor comfortable in my own skin than the day I realized that “in my decision for him, I was also being irrefutably true to myself as well.”

A great guidepost for all future perplexities, I learned that you can’t go wrong when you go heart right.  I recommend it to everyone. 

Something to think about at Valentine’s Day and always!

Thank you, Wendy.