They say America is the land of opportunity, and yes we can all agree that opportunity is everywhere. However, many immigrants have a firm belief that college is the only way to be successful since they have gone through hell and back just to provide a better life for their children. Hai Dinho is an entrepreneur that focuses on producing revolutionary content and inspiring young talent. He strives to lead the new generation by sharing his perspective and spreading global awareness that there is a new way to live. His main goal will always remain the same; to inspire others to wake up and follow their passions in life. 

We had a pleasure speaking with Hai Dinho and mentioned to us that both of his parents immigrated from Vietnam where his father was a doctor and mother owned a restaurant with his grandma. They moved to the United States and wanted their future children to be successful. Just like his father, he wanted his son to become a doctor like himself. Dinho later had to get serious when he finished highschool to tone down on what he wanted to pursue for the rest of his life. Hai said, “I had it all planned at the age of 5. I knew my parents couldn’t afford my education for college so I worked really hard to get recruited by college scouts when I played soccer from grade school to highschool. Unfortunately injuries held me back all the way to junior college and diminished all of the college contacts I had and that was the turning point of that path”. 

Although one chapter closed, another opened for this young entrepreneur. Sitting on his hospital bed after knee surgery, he decided to pick up a book to further pass on time. He came across a novel called “Rich Dad Poor Dad” written by Robert Kiyosaki who is a well known entrepreneur in the United States. This shifted his perspective on life and took accountability for what Dinho truly wanted, not his parents. “I started questioning everything in college such as, why are we learning about math equations versus how we do our taxes. Why are we not taught about credit when that is the most important factor in buying a house or car”? This led Dinho to pause school and explore the entrepreneur world. After many failed business attempts and constant loss of money, a business clicked and later was the birth of his first successful business, his financial service company. 

“I came from a poor family when I was brought into the world. My parents were successful back In Vietnam but my father can’t translate his doctor expertise in the U.S and my mom would have to start over in creating a restaurant in the states. They came with nothing and spoke no English. In my upbringing I grew up in a dangerous neighborhood and was set for failure in society’s eyes”. 

Dinho mentioned to us that not everyone in the world can become an entrepreneur. We need doctors, lawyers and engineers as well. He took this route because he had the mindset of knowing that he will never work for someone else at a young age. He used motivation from his environment as a childhood to fuel his drive. 

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