“Excellence is Lonely!”

The words of a former professor in undergrad, before one of my voice lessons continues to ring true. So, true to this very day. Excellence IS lonely! It’s lonely and on such a high level, that you may be left alone. It can also mean that a high level of energy and productivity is not appreciated, by those who celebrate mediocricity. Nor is high productivity seen as a jewel by mediocre minds. Unfortunately, there are many instances when mediocre Spirits become attracted to those highly productive Beings. Sometimes they are known as overachievers.

Regardless of the title, you have those numerous times of mediocre people who enter into the spaces of high achievers, not to learn or nourish the energy. Oh no! They come as energy leeches, or “powers” of domination or control. For the latter, its a manipulative, power switch, where they question you, or set up mini-tests; measuring your achievements (or thoughts), based on their expections of success-which are often limited!

If you are an over-achiever, or one of those highly productive, or creative personnel at the company (or on your career), I’m pretty sure you have run into that mediocre energy. On many occassions, the jealousy factor is behind it. You can tell who they are, because they are often asking you a whole bunch of questions. They feel entitled to intrude upon your personal space, and ask you questions to obtain information from of you. You see, in doing such, they are using their limiting ideologies to assess you. They want to know if you are truly “qualified” to have gotten that job or position? If that isn’t enough, they create negative perceptions about who you are. The energy of envy and jealousy too often takes place in office work spaces. This is especially true of those who prefer to be stagnant, and stay set in their mediocre ways; rather than learn and elevate their standards and skill set, in order to experience something better.

Hmm. . .Are you thinking of someone, or a particular group of people, in the office as you read that last line?

I’m sure you are!

So, being the nice person that you are, you try to answer their questions and show professionalism towards those mediocre individuals. On many instances, you are irritated and uncomfortable with their presence. You’re tired of them knocking on your office, or entering your workspace. Asking you questions regarding your work. You’re tired of them approaching you with random conversations on subjects that don’t interest you; or topics they approach you with just to collect data and information on your personality. Pretending as if they have interest in such subject matter, themselves. Then again, there is a reason why you got the promotion, the advancement, or the new office suite. So, being the class act that you are, you. . .keep it professional.

However, slowly and surely, your patience is getting thin. For every time that Mr., Mrs., and Ms. Mediocre brings their unwanted presence into your personal and private space, you feel a part of your high-nutritious energy being soaked and drained. Slowly and surely. It’s frustrating. Even more agonizing is that you want to let them know that their presence is unwarranted without losing your decorum. So, what do you do? K.I.S.S-Keep It Simple, Silly!

You let mediocricity know that their energy is not welcome!

Done! Does it feel better? It should. Professionalism does not mean that you have to stay silent, “suck up,” or tolerate any forms of psychological, emotional, or energetic abuse and exploitation. Take it from personal experiences. No longer do you have to sit and allow mediocre people to soak up your energy or validate you; based on their limited perceptions of your existence. That’s one of the beauties of office sweeping. Cleansing energies, includes people, as well.

Just remember that there is nothing wrong with having creative and high-energy standards of success. If others do not appreciate it, or want to remain stagnant, that’s their decision. Yet, what they don’t have the right to do is diminish your light because you are. . . shining. If mediocre co-workers are bold enough to try to exploit your energy, while intruding upon your space, then you can be bold enough to instruct them that they are to stay away from you. Yes, it is your right to be stern about it. Afterall, you are protecting your space. Boundaries are more than necessary!

Remove their shade, and let mediocre individuals keep it for their own. . .rainy days!

Just remember that excellence is lonely! And, if you manage to connect with other high-energy, creative co-workers at the office, or in your field, you will never be. . .alone!