Baroque and overloaded houses live low hours. The tendency to decorate with few things and well-chosen rises strongly. It is more than just a fad. The current gurus of space are committed to minimalism as a form of decoration but above all as a lifestyle. The keyword is ordered. Order in your house so that you live a peaceful and quiet existence that allows you to live without stresses that provides you with serenity and even beauty.

“The best way to choose what to keep and what to discard is to hold each item in your hand and ask yourself.

How to start your minimalist life

If you have ever moved throughout your life, you already know where to start to lead a minimalist life. Moving is a moment that many people use as a turning point to get rid of things like washer repair. The reason is that anything you want to take with you to the new home is going to be an effort. First, because you have to move it (more boxes to make) and second because you have to find a hole for it (more boxes to undo and more work to see where you put it).

The quick solution is to get rid of what does not matter, things that you have been saving by inertia but are not really important to you. Living in a minimalist way is very similar. The main difference is that instead of doing it once every several years you will have to do it constantly.

These are the three steps to start a minimalist life:

Stop and think about what relationship

You have with your things and what is really important to you. Before taking action, take a moment to reflect on your things. Think about what you have insight, but also what is in boxes in the storage room, on the top of the cupboards, or in drawers that you have not opened for months. Think about what would happen if those things weren’t there anymore and the concrete benefits you would have, such as a lot more space.

Start your treasure hunt.

Reserve at least one day to get going and give a change to your life and your home. Find and rummage for those things you thought about in the first step. If you prefer, you can do this exercise for rooms in the house, although it is more effective applied ‘all at once’.

Let go of your things and start a minimalist life.

Once you have located those things that you have not used for months and that only take up space, let them go. You can throw them away, donate them or sell them, you decide. The important thing is that they don’t stay with you. In this sense, if you think about selling, set a deadline because otherwise you will only be postponing the problem.