Stephen Perkins has weaved a gripping tale infused with mythology and history in his new much-anticipated novel “Sky Parlor.” The intelligent edge of this book is not surprising given Perkins’s previous Best Seller releases.

This new release is guaranteed to have you riveted, and leave you wanting more when you finish the final page. We caught up with the author to ask him a number of questions about his new book.

Question 1

There are so many genres today that authors write in, how did you come about writing in the Science Fiction and Fantasy category and why?

Historically, the genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy have served as an ideal vehicle for keen political observations and insightful social commentary within the canon of published literature. The narrative of my new novel, Sky Parlor, was composed with those traditions in mind, and its ultimate interpretation could represent a metaphorical commentary on the times in which we now find ourselves.  

Question 2

Every book has a story about its creation, what’s the story behind Sky Parlor?

One of the effective narrative components of both contemporary and traditional literature has been character development. For any story to be considered effectively entertaining, a prospective reader must be made to empathize – whether protagonist, hero or even villain –  with the character’s emotional plight. In Sky Parlor, the theme of character reincarnation into both past and future historical eras – it was thought – could be creatively utilized in attempting to most effectively demonstrate this developmental theme. During the narrative of Sky Parlor – which spans from America’s 19th century Civil War and proceeds into the setting of a dystopian world of the distant future – characters are challenged with the existential and moral trials and tribulations of human conflicts, technological developments, and, as well, tyrannical social and political constraints. 

Question 3

Your previous novels like “Twilight’s Last Glory” reached the Best Seller lists on Amazon. What are you hoping that the fans of your previous novels take away from Sky Parlor?

And for that “Best-Seller achievement, I have only one’s loyal and gracious readers towards which to show my genuine appreciation. Above all, though those same readers have – thus far – found the narrative of Sky Parlor to be an entertaining and engrossing literary adventure into both the past and into the distant future, it is my ultimate hope they will contemplate that, though mankind is led to believe moral decisions become dependent upon the capricious whims of what appears to be the dominant ideological social and political climate, prevailing moral relativism may, in the end, be their ultimate undoing.       

Question 4

What is one of the keys to developing the characters in your stories that you find to be the most challenging?

The narrative of Sky Parlor features certain notable and even mythical characters from America’s history. One of the challenges was in not only managing to effectively depict the personal traits of such characters, but in extrapolating their mythical characterizations into a time period that exists in the distant future. 

Question 5 

What’s next for you as an author?  What other books might be in the works for you? 

Without giving too much away at this early juncture, I can only say that in my next book – which may deal with the theme of government suppression of a paradigm-changing technological development – the villain may turn out to be a hero or even a savior who manages – despite glaring faults – to eclipse victorious moral triumph. I can also say “Grand Masquerade”, a science fiction/fantasy/action-adventure/suspense-thriller, may be ready by this winter, perhaps in time for the Holiday season!