Stesha Reukauf is a 6 figure entrepreneur and thought leader in the online women’s health coaching space, inspiring women not only to feel better, but to be balanced, confident, & empowering leaders of their own lives. Her coaching program has changed the way women pursue health as an entire movement – a paradigm shift – that teaches women to heal themselves on a deeper level than ever seen before. Not only is Stesha one of the most informative & interesting health-conscious women to follow on social media, but she’s also deeply caring and compassionate, too. Stesha lives on a cattle ranch in Montana with her husband where she and her team work remotely with hundreds of women every day. You can find more about Stesha and apply to work with her here:

Tell us about who you are and what you do.

I am a functional health coach for women in their 20s and 30s looking to ditch their bloat, bounce back from adrenal fatigue and eliminate anxiety and overwhelm. Women today, are suffering silently with digestive woes, fatigue, and anxiety. We are in the business of helping women own their bodies, understand their physiology, and heal their themselves on THEIR terms without restrictive diets and obsessive exercise. The women who enter our coaching program are broken and lack self-love, but when they leave our program, they embody more confidence and energy than they ever thought possible. <3

Tell us how you created this brand and what was the sole idea behind it.

My brand was created around myself. When clients are looking for a coach to help them reach their goals, they are buying ME, my personality, my education, my experience. So my brand is very much my personality.

Go in detail and tell us about how your brand works. You may keep this from the audience’s perspective.

The coaching program we offer is called the Hormone Healing Blueprint (HHB) – it’s a 90 day, proven, step-by-step program accumulating my years of experience helping women heal their hormonal imbalances and feel confident in their body. Not only do women have lifetime access to the backed course, but we also offer one-on-one phone call check-ins with clients. We get deep in the nitty-gritty so that clients transform into the women they’ve always wanted to be by the end of the program. We are really proud of it!

What is your giveaway idea through this interview? Highlight something that may interest the readers on a one to one basis.

Many women struggling with digestive issues, whether that’s bloating, gas, cramps, heartburn…or something more serious like Celiac Disease, IBS, or Crohn’ss. As one of the main focuses in our Hormone Healing Blueprint, we help clients identify what foods and lifestyle factors are contributing to their uncomfortable digestive symptoms and then provide a step by step strategy to remove inflammation, heal the gut and reintroduce foods back into the diet. At the end of the program, the clients walk away feeling empowered and confident with the foods she can eat.

As a thank you for reading this article, I would love to provide you with a ‘Ditch the Bloat’ protocol to help get started on healing your digestion so you can go back to eating the foods you love.

Explain the challenges you went through while you were working on brand creation. What are the challenges you go through on an everyday basis?

The biggest challenge when working on my brand is trying not to appease to every woman out there. Narrowing down my niche was so difficult because I’ve had experience successfully coaching a wide range of women in the past. When I was suggested to niche down, I felt like I was ‘giving up’ on everyone else if I wasn’t marketing to them. However, once I did concentrate on a specific niche, I saw a dramatic increase in engagement on social media. Women were responding with comments such as, “wow you took the words out of my mouth – this is EXACTLY how I feel!” And with that specific connection comes to trust and buying customers.

How do you manage your finances through the services you offer. Any fundings etc received?

Online Coaching is fairly inexpensive to begin. I was able to use most of the money I saved, working as an engineer, to fund miscellaneous expenses like websites, legal help, accounting. Now my business makes a stable amount of money that no outside funding is required.

Tell us your future vision about the brand. How far do you want to take it? What is your dream about taking it to the next level?

Our future vision with the brand is to be seen as the market expert in women’s health coaching. Women are desperate for a one-on-one personal relationship with someone who ‘gets’ it. We are unique in that we provide mind-body medicine, mindset, health, nutrition, and hormone coaching as an all-inclusive package. Women need more than just information and strategies, they need a trustworthy coach, accountability, and belief in themselves. We are proud to offer that now and always. In terms of scaling our business to create a greater impact on women, group coaching classes are on the horizon.

What message would you like to give to anybody who has a plan of creating something of their own and making a living through it?

My message to the woman who is scared to press ‘post,’ ‘record,’ or ‘send’ – just DO IT! The only regret we have when we are older is wishing we would have been brave enough to take the leap! There are so many badass women entrepreneurs out there leading the way for you. I suggest following them and soaking up everything they have to offer to help build your confidence so you can take action. Remember, there’s always a woman out there one step behind you who dreams of being where you are today but just doesn’t know how to get there. It’s your responsibility to teach her and be there for her – don’t hide your gifts from the world just because you are scared of being vulnerable and criticized. Stay true to you, don’t try to be like anyone else, and live your life with passion and purpose. Do that, and you’ll be a self-made millionaire <3

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