Before you rush over to read your next motivational quote.




You’ve read a lot of them, already.

Do you need more?

Yes. Your subconscious said it. Load and clear.

But. You don’t. In real.

Let me guess.

Every motivational quote you read online won’t stay more than 10-sec after you’ve done reading it.

Am I right?

Yes. Still your subconscious doesn’t agree. But it doesn’t matter.


Keep reading.

Mind neurons always remain hungry to whet their appetite for something new before they dust it off. They won’t mind as long as you keep stirring them with something new on the platter.

Valuable or invaluable. They don’t bother. They need information, anyway.

Since they keep tricking your mind, something new will change your life, completely.

That single advice, goal, dream, wish will turn your life around once and for all. And once you get it, neurons start searching for new information which will change your life once and for all. This time you get it what you expected.


They carry their torch and start looking for new information. And this loop continues.

Until when? Don’t know.

But it does lead to a unlimited vicious circle. See in the constant hunt for new information my neurons forgot to write “an unlimited vicious circle”.

But again. It doesn’t matter. They need new, stunning, instrumental, innovative information, anyway.

Listen. You know it already. But I’ll say it anyway. If you’re unable to figure out the solution to your problem with overwhelming information you know already, you won’t find it either after reading the next motivational quote.



Your mind doesn’t know the word execution. I mean it does. But your subconscious keeps it hidden under the layer of the illusion of reading your next motivational quote.

Your mind knows the way out. But it tricks you to keep looking for something missing. That will fill the void, actually.

This read got you tricked. I’m suspecting it right now. If your mind says, this read will change your life and this is the beast you have been looking for quite a while now, you’re doing the same what your mind has been doing in the past.


Unlearn this post after you’ve done reading it.

And go practical this time. There is a much difference between what you know and what you do. The lesser the difference, the more successful you become.

Execution is everything.

Let me put this way.

If you spend your whole life becoming a seasoned writer without writing down a single word, you cannot turn your dream into reality.

You need to write. A lot. Before you are able to write like a pro.

Execution is everything.

I know you heard it already somewhere. I’m reminding it again.


To consolidate what you know, already.

It’s highly possible you’ve taken my advice of unlearning this post very seriously.

Yes, you need to unlearn it. Once you get to know the trick to turning your dreams into reality. Till then. Keep repeating.

Execution is everything.

I know you are reading it third time in a single ready. But I assure it will worth it, totally.

Until you become a pro in execution.

Keep repeating.