From 24 hours that we have in a day, how many time you waste for infinite scrolling through social media? Rather than hooked on the comparison game, it’s better to switch the time to do some exercise.

We may think that exercise will tire us all, right? But, you must be already know, of course, exercise gives us some good benefits. Then why we rather sweeping our phones rather than do some push ups? Why we want instant gratifications rather than long-last benefits?

I remember when I have a workout routines even at my most hectic schedules. I took morning classes, weekend jogging, or just a quick reps in the morning. Surprisingly, the result were: I can handle work pressure better and didn’t get sick much, not even got a cold or fever.

But then a disturbance comes–which is unavoidable–, that is, when I have some business trips. My workout routines got disturbed. The result were: I got sick more often, went to doctor much, and got tired easily. This is really unexpected, since I thought that I must not be tired because I didn’t put extra effort to do some excercise.

Turns out, by not incorporating a healthy lifestyle, will leads us to some unhealthy habits. Leisure time seems so bored if we are not binge drinking, excessive eating, or social media scrolling. Idea of exercise not popping up in our head when we don’t have any spirit to do so.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle will keep you away from bad habits. Also, it will boost your energy level and avoid any sickness. Who does want to be sick, anyway?

From that 1 hour of scrolling, use just 10 minutes to do some excercise. It won’t hurt! If it sounds to much, change to twice a week. Or, once a week. Or, just take 1 minute per day. Take any time you can, at least you do it. You can enhance your excercise experience by take a walk outside or invite any friends to excercise together.

Try small at first, make a habit of it, and then you will reap the result.