Your walls are closing in on you, and you just want to escape. You whisper that you need help, but no one hears you. The world is wrapping its arms around your neck. It’s alright. Take it out on the gym floor. Take it out on the pavement. Solving “you” problems is best solved by starting with you. Start by taking control of your body, and your mind will follow.

I rejoined the gym two weeks ago. I was finally sick of tired of myself—not just my body but with how I was feeling. I just couldn’t completely shake those negative feelings, even though I have made great strides. I rejoined the gym to regain my sanity, confidence, kick-butt attitude, awareness, and optimism that used to come so easily. It wasn’t something I had to work on then. But, lately, I’ve had to work on it. I may have to work up even earlier each morning, but it is worth it. I may have to shower at the gym, but its worth it. I may have forgotten my clothes day one and had to wait for my husband to drop them off, but it is worth it. Actually, I love it. I feel euphoria during and after my workouts. After only two weeks I already feel changed. I do feel better. I have better mental clarity. I feel more confident. I feel optimistic.

I’m sure you noticed I didn’t include weight loss. Although, that is still part of the reason I rejoined, it isn’t priority #1. I want my happy thoughts back. Ultimately, I will get my body back, which will certainly elevate those happy thoughts. The weight loss is a nice side effect, but the stuff I am most excited about are listed below:


  • Relieve stress
  • Alleviate depression
  • Lessen anxiety
  • Improve memory
  • Better sleep
  • Better overall mood

Why I joined the gym instead of opting for a home workout:

My experience is my own. It may work for you. It doesn’t for me. My husband, upon hearing I rejoined the gym, was annoyed and didn’t understand why I had to spend money on a gym membership when I could easily exercise at home. While this may be true, I couldn’t seem to duplicate a gym experience at home. I can disconnect at the gym. At home I am easily distracted. Or, I feel rushed to get back inside to make dinner, finish laundry, sweep the floors, or wrangle building blocks. At the gym, I can solely focus on my workout and ignore outside distractions, which is necessary if you want to get seriously about your well-being. At the gym I am “in the zone.” It pushes me harder. I find myself competing with other gym goers. The classes force me to go beyond my comfort zone. The extra push from the instructors is what I need when I’m telling my body I can’t do it. Bottom line, I get results at the gym, not at home. I need results for this chaotic mind.

A Call To Action

Get sweaty and take control of your mind and body.

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  • Laura E Baize

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