During this challenging time as we navigate together through the crisis at hand, our health is our number one priority.  We need tools to maintain a strong immune system, manage our emotions and think clearly.

My name is Tina Sodhi, I am the founder of Art of Breathing, a wellness company I started after going through my own hardships. March 31, 2009 I was laid off from Royal Bank of Scotland and I recall how devastated that was for me and my self-esteem.  Conscious Breathing became my tools to survive.  These techniques are simple, time efficient and incredibly effective.

In this short video I show you one way to alleviate stress through segmented breathing. Navy seals practice variation of segmented breath before going to combat.   These breathing techniques act quickly to release stress, manage anxiety and calm the mind. These techniques will naturally boost immunity, balance emotions, increase mental clarity and elevate your mood. 

As everyone makes the adjustment to work remotely from home, you can make this a fun family activity as well as create a positive healthy environment.

In honor of mental health awareness month, we are offering 30 minute complimentary breathing session for any firm or organization. There are other simple breathing exercises to improve sleep patterns, help you cope with constant changes in your life, manage emotions, and to relax and energize. Till next time Inhale …