What do you do when you’ve hit the wall and have no more drive to go to your 9-5 job? If you’re Samantha Geaney, you take life by the horns and create a business on your own terms. Not only did Sam create a business, but it’s also wildly successful. She now takes that energy and knowledge and helps other women achieve their business goals.

Growing up, Sam did all the things she was told to do by society – go to good schools, so you can get a high-paying job and retire well. But by the time she was 30, she’d achieved many of her major career goals, only to realize she was absolutely miserable.

Being both a lawyer and CPA didn’t reward her the way she anticipated. In fact, working in a male-dominated industry, sometimes she didn’t feel like she fit the mold. Over time, she became more frustrated and resentful and finally had a breakdown. She got laid off and decided she’d had enough. She went full-time in her business (which was freelance copywriting at the time) and never looked back.

Today, she’s a business coach who teaches other people how to break free from the debilitating jobs they hate to create a world they love and can rely on to pay the bills. She shows ambitious women how to start their own online coaching or freelance/consulting businesses. She offers online courses and her signature 1-on-1 coaching program that teaches her entire 6-figure business-building system. 

She says that energy and mindset is a huge part of the journey, and when it clicks into place for her students, everything changes. It’s like a massive lightbulb goes on, and suddenly a new reality opens up for them. She’s thrilled to share her knowledge and process with others, so they can break free, too.

While she offers a large program, she has two smaller courses that teach people how to pick their niche, and learn where to find and connect with potential clients.So, no matter where you are on the journey – whether just starting out or further along and needing better clarity – she’s ready to help.

Sam is living the life she’s always dreamed of, but never thought possible. Sometimes our worst moments in life lead to the change and joy we’re craving. This strong, smart entrepreneur is living life on her terms and reminds you that you can, too. It takes the right mindset, a solid system, and a way to connect with the right clients. If you’d like to learn more about Samantha Geaney and the courses she offers, you can find her at SamGeaney.com