As a world leader in the industry, parking lot sealing Solutions brand offers in its portfolio unrivaled products that have been proven against the environmental stresses and threats faced by parking structures.

BASF has developed a wide range of high performance traffic waterproof membranes to offer unique solutions that protect parking lots against deterioration due to environmental conditions, high traffic volume. Our waterproofing products are also formulated for exceptional durability, design flexibility, and an aesthetically pleasing environment.

We know that each parking project is unique, and that is why we apply all our long-established global knowledge to always recommend the right products and systems for local conditions and regulations. Our waterproofing sealants and concrete repair products are combined with each other to create systems capable of bringing the parking structure back to operation as quickly as possible with the lowest possible life cycle cost.

Expert concrete repair and protection strategies with minimal service interruption

Understands the value of a structure of parking properly repaired, maintained and safe. Any loss of service time translates into lost profits for the owners of the parking lot and inconvenience for its users.

Parking lot sealing

The parking of vehicles are subject to daily wear because of the constant traffic and adverse conditions such as wind, rain, oil leakage and pollution, which accelerate deterioration.

Whatever the type of repair, our reputable repair and protection experts work to identify the correct solutions to bring the parking structure back to full operation as quickly as possible.

Our leading products on the market range from mortars for repair fast curing and strengthening of the concrete to the repair of cracks and corrosion inhibitors , and are formulated to interact and achieve maximum effectiveness in rehabilitation and protection long term. We also work tirelessly to offer innovations that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Clients’ Rights

1. – Register valuables in the car: When entering a parking lot, especially those with valet parking, customers have the right to report all those objects that they consider valuable that will go with the vehicle, which must be upon delivery of the car.

2. – Register the state of the vehicle: In the same way, when a person delivers and receives his car in the valet, he can check the condition in which the car was delivered and received, and in case of finding any anomaly, report it.

3. – The ticket must have clear information: This is one of the most important points and of what perhaps less people are aware, it is the duty of each establishment to place its policies both on the ticket and in a visible place for citizens.

4. – Request a note or voucher: Another essential point in a parking lot is to request a note or voucher of the same since with this a person can be protected against possible improper charges.

“We must learn to demand our rights as consumers that we are,” said the official.


Engels Rules said in an interview with that establishments that do not comply with the requirements will be applied in the first instance a series of “precautionary measures”, which will be imposed at the time of the visit which will cause a temporary suspension of the same.

If you fall back on a sanction, can also fine the parking lot up to 3.5 million pesos depending on the offense, in addition to its closure.

2. – Check the time of entry and exit: In the same way, you should always check the entrance and exit, especially in squares and shopping centers, in addition to verifying that the clocks are synchronized. 

3. – Request a receipt: As already mentioned before, having a receipt is essential for a citizen to defend their rights as a consumer

4. – Establish that it has the hologram: The attorney general’s office also invited citizens to check as long as both the payment machines and those found at the exits have the hologram corresponding to the period in which we are, that gives them the guarantee to the people that the machine met all the authority’s requirements.

5.-Report for misuse: also urged people to report any irregularity both against themselves and others to avoid improper practices in these types of establishments.