You know that a healthy lifestyle is essential to your physical well-being, but making smart choices is vital to your brain health, too. That’s why the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association just combed through 182 published scientific studies to come up with 7 research-backed tips to keep your brain healthy throughout your life. They’ve presented their recommendations in a new advisory published in the journal Stroke.

According to the advisory press release, the AHA/ASA define a healthy brain as one that can “pay attention, receive and recognize information from our senses; learn and remember; communicate; solve problems and make decisions; support mobility and regulate emotions.” The associations are calling the healthy behaviors they identified from the research “Life’s Simple 7.” Here’s what’s on the list:

  1. Manage blood pressure

  2. Control cholesterol

  3. Keep blood sugar normal

  4. Get physically active

  5. Eat a healthy diet

  6. Lose extra weight

  7. Don’t start smoking, or quit if you currently smoke

The experts behind the new advisory estimate that roughly 75 million people across the globe could suffer from dementia by 2030, which means that taking steps to prioritize your brain health is critically important. They also estimate, according to the press release, that dementia costs the United States nearly $200 billion a year, making the stakes high in a financial sense, too. It’s a welcome reminder that small healthy actions done daily can add up to huge benefits over time.

Read the full advisory here.