The pandemic has drawn a line in the calendar and jeopardized global health. It is confusing, overwhelming, and stressful to even think about going back to the normal work environment. Many mental health groups are working in close sync with the public to support and provide the relevant help.

The impact is not just on one, rather on everything. One of the worst areas where the ripples are still there is the ‘work.’ The work methods and work cultures are altering and taking a new shape because of Covid. Where you are working from home, on laid-off, or working throughout – everything is new. Some are opting for career changes due to redundancy and some to create better living – there is chaos everywhere.

Paul Haarman’s tips on ‘new normal’ to work

With the lockdown easing down slowly, you might consider resuming to work. The return to life is with “new normal” rules. It is alarming now to return to work, school, and LIFE. This is putting loads of mental stress on everyone. Paul Haarman suggests some tips for a better and smooth transaction.

  • Keep your mind clear. Understand what is happening around you by observing and look forward to business as usual. It seems difficult but listen to the gut and just take the plunge. Recognizing the feelings and discussing them with a partner, friend, or colleague would bring huge relief to the stress.
  • Plan your ‘return to new normal’ a couple of weeks ahead. This would ensure breathing space and help you boost your mental wellness. There are several challenges like commuting, public transportation, interaction with people, busy areas, and the use of public toilets. Combat all one by one and do not overburden.
  • Follow the simple rules like wearing a mask in public areas, use the proper hand cleaning methods, maintaining social distancing, regular testing. Carry a small sanitizer with you all the time. Remember that distancing would not only save you from covid, but other diseases also like flu, stomach bug, and conjunctivitis.
  • Compassion towards others is also very imperative. Don’t be selfish with colleagues at the workplace. You may bump into people with a bad mood, anxious and shorter temperaments. Understand that everybody is sailing in the same boat, and it is important to be considerate towards others. 
  • Avoid being judgmental. People may or may not choose to wear the mask. So instead of concluding that they are insensitive people or rule-breakers, understand the core reason.
  • Be positive and enjoy the company of colleagues on returning to work. Understand that they are also feeling the same. When you comprehend the problems of others, it becomes easier to behave more compassionately.
  • Strike a balance between the new normal and home. The entire work period makes mental wellness a little imbalanced. The ideal way to conquer this is by spending more time with children, partners, and the community.   

Paul Haarman explains that it is okay to experience all the mixed feelings. All are still coming to terms with the new normal, despite all the personal losses, health issues, and mental stress.