The mountains are so pretty!

Whether in my Jeep 

shooting with my Canon T6s or in the air with my DJI Mavic Pro, the writing process trying to epitomize and illustrate Oregon’s beauty into words is harder than you may think. I am sitting here trying break down everything into descriptive words that will somehow do the pictures and video I am going to show you justice. It is not just describing what I saw, it is trying to tell a story and to maybe give you a chance to know how I felt while taking the pictures/video.

As summer rolls in so do the people. All the passes are open, the snow on the trails are rapidly melting, the lakes are thawed and visitors are getting out to enjoy this amazing state; I do not blame them, I am trying to do the same thing. Paradoxically, I gravitate to the unknown spots and try to see things that the masses are not seeing. Some of the best sights and experiences are found ‘off-trail.’


Above is an aerial view of Proxy Falls. I pulled off of the Mckenzie-Santiam Hwy to have a look above the trees at the surrounding landscape. I knew I was roughly a mile away from the falls but had no idea where is was location wise. Flying 30mph over the forest canopy scanning the distance I found it! The gigantic waterfall I had visited just weeks prior! Plus, there are more waterfalls past this as well! What a day of discovery!

giphy-downsized-large (6)

The Journey to Proxy Falls 

is an in-depth video of my adventure there! There are endless fields of an ancient lava flow. IF you love waterfalls like I do, go check out my other waterfall adventures here:

After this amazing capture, I would have been completely satisfied if there was nothing else to shoot in air or ground. Only being early mid-afternoon, there was more to see and do. The decision was made to continue on the adventure and head back from whence I came. If you’re wondering how I get smooooth video like this, I use the iPhone7plus with the DJI Osmo Mobile! It is such an amazing tool to have in the field! Click the Blue Text to learn more!

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Endless Lava Flow
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Heading back towards The Three Sisters Mountain Range!
North Sister overlooking Lava Flow.
It is amazing how life can still thrive despite a violent, fiery past!
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Jeep top off and the forest smells amazing!

It seems that the Willamette National Forest and The Deschutes National Forest are just separated by that massive lava flow and the biosphere between the two are different in so many ways. I decided to head back to the Sisters, Oregon neck of the woods (no pun intended.) If you would like to ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Follow’ me, PLEASE leave you name and email in the ‘pop-up’ box! I PROMISE to only send the best of my adventures!

Found this little guy romping around off of a National Forest road! How photogenic!
Flower by the roadside…Does anyone know what species this is?

To end the night, I felt like I should explore more of the Three Sisters Wilderness, namely the Whychus Creek area. The sun was setting rapidly behind the mountains and did not have much time to get a good cinematic shot of the mountains.

So here is the coup de gras of the whole night. This video will surely amaze you! Enjoy!

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