Events that surface out of the expected order on our journey bring inherent wisdom with potential to enrich our lives. But the initial label given, determines fortuitousness or detriment. Then how can the end of a meaningful relationship, initially founded in love, be fortuitous? The key to solving this conundrum is in the word initially. Why? Because one of the partners chose to disengage from the love that once thrived, and was sustained with commitment.

So, extracting wisdom from out-of-order events has nothing to do with liking the consequence. Fortunately for those who love deeply, the redeeming quality of wisdom is that, when engaged without expecting to be regaled with happiness, it brings out-of-order joy. This emotional alchemy transforms the emptiness of disillusionment to substantive hope: But rather than intellectual play on words, wisdom engages challenging unknowns that can bypass the abyss of fear. Lamenting the past blurs opportunities to thrive in the present. Freedom from existential entanglement begins by replacing forlorn memories with new rituals that celebrate discovery: never breathing life to old routines that must be allowed a graceful death.

Slowly, the terrain of courageous hope dissipates what seemed like perpetual sorrow fueled by bitter disappointment. There’s a fundamental difference however, between actively expecting with courage and passively hoping for the best. The former transduce adversity while the later waits for the storm to pass.

But how does synchronicity relate to out-of-order events? When conditions derail expectations, extracting wisdom from the emerging adversity, opens portals of synchronistic happenings: Highly unlikely events that initially appeared disjointed, converge to make sense with coincidental wonderment. In other words, by seeking wisdom in unwanted out-of-order disruptions, fortuitous effects that would otherwise remain latent, are allowed to unfold: Finding disordered order in adversity with uncertainty as your guide.

The shift from confirming the known to discovering the unknown is the essence of resilience with growth: More than overcoming adversity, thriving with newfound wisdom.