Life Lessons our Friends Teach Us

Guess what? The T.V. Series that changed the way we see the American sitcom turned 25 recently. I don’t know a person who hasn’t binge watched this show. To be honest, I still can, all the 10 seasons at one go. From being a teenager back then, fascinated to live with friends who would be around all the time teaching and guiding through the life, to being the adult who understands their struggle and how in the little moments of life they found the joy I have learned a lot from the show. 

As the show turns 25 this September, here are the basic yet important lessons that the show shares and prepares us for the yet to come life. 

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Rachel Green

You Don’t Know Your Power Until You Challenge Yourself

Left her marriage, ran to a random cafe, cut her cards, and the rich brat searches for a job. Who does that? Rachel! Yes, I would say she has been a lady who has encouraged the world to break the comfort zone and reach the zenith on your own. 

Yes, move out of your protected shell and see how far you can go. And when you are stuck or can’t find a way ahead remember, she did combat her situation pretty well and you can do that too. 

She breaks her safe shell in the first episode, when she says, “It’s like I have been told all my life I am a shoe, but what if I’m not a shoe.” 

Ross Geller

Think Before You Speak

Obviously, he teaches you nothing great. But this is something that is most significant. For all those out there who believe it is important to voice your thoughts, it is. But the way you do it is really important. Mr Ross Geller teaches us how important it is to voice your opinion in the right way. Nowhere in the series, he let his emotions overpower his wisdom and words. 

A very simple yet powerful lesson that many of us often forget to implement in the struggles of our daily life.  

Monica Geller

Perfection Encourages to Do Better

What if you settle down at mediocrity? Will it help? No. It may help you for the time being, but in the long run, you would be the one suffering. Mon, has been one lady who has encouraged us to move to perfection to get the best things from the list. A neat house, a well-sorted personal life, a satisfactory job and a group of friends around makes it easier for her to be the helping hand. Once you are sorted in your life, you can always be the first person people would look to for help. 

Phoebe Buffay

Be Yourself No Matter What

Many a time, you have been told by the people around that your behaviour is unacceptable. It could be that they find you way fidgety or maybe they do not approve of your conduct in public. No matter what, just be yourself and celebrate yourself. She has been one of the weirdest characters that I have ever adored. I love the way she is confident about herself and the way she has been moving ahead. I still can’t imagine someone actually doing “Smelly Cat” and making it so popular. 

We are all mad in the eyes of each other. Just celebrate the madness that is bestowed on you. 

Joey Tribbiani

Know Your Priorities

Food is one love that all of us celebrate. One person I know who sticks to the fact food above all is this Italian guy, Joey Tribbiani. He has this one thing very clear. He knows what he wants and when. He works in the direction of his priorities and teaches us an important lesson of not compromising. Do not, in any case, go weak when it comes to your priorities. He manages his schedules and plans according to the priorities he has. 

Chandler Bing

Fight Back in Every Situation

It is important that when you are stuck in a certain situation, you don’t lose your calm. Even if you do, just rise back from the situation and let the world know you can face the problems. Chandler has been a trickster in that case. He has been in situations that seemed messy and impossible to move out of, but he has been through these situations amazingly. The comebacks he has shown are amazing. Little wits, some courage, and a lot of self-confidence have helped him through everything. 

Hope this was an interesting read. If you have invested hours in developing these life lessons then you are already ahead of a lot of people. And if you haven’t seen the show (such species exist?) then…

Get Your Netflix Subscription Now…

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Watch the Show 

And Reach New Heights of Success!!!

The team of the show has held the audience engaged imparting some really important life lessons all the while. If you think you cannot fight the life struggles, all you need to do is take a deep breath to enjoy the show leaving behind all your worries. Once you are done watching, just fill yourself with the spirits of the most beloved characters and you are ready to face the world again.     

Stay Strong…Stay Encouraged…Keep Learning…Keep Reading…