Founder Sandy Booker spoke to me about how her experience led to her developing a one-of-a-kind CBD coffee brand.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Throughout my sales and marketing career, I have been fortunate to be affiliated with a number of startup companies. In the last 15 years, I have been in the Wellness Industry, then this new opportunity presented itself. 

How did you get started with your business?

Last fall I went to New York City to help my son get settled in his new apartment. We were heading out to Ikea and stopped at his local coffee shop. I have been using CBD therapeutically for 2 years, I noticed CBD coffee on the menu. Within a few minutes of drinking the coffee, there was a calm mood and I had the focus and drive of coffee. Returning to Texas with CBD coffee, my family and friends loved it! My younger son saw my enthusiasm and suggested that I start selling it and bring it to Texas.

What has helped you succeed in your industry and on your business path?

My reputation, researching, planning, determination and willingness to take a risk even if I fail.

What was a mistake you made in business and what did you learn from that mistake?

Not hiring a bookkeeper from the beginning. The details bog me down.

What surprises have you had along the way? What have you learned from those surprises?

How many people love the branding and taste of Love Cup Coffee. I have learned to get out in front of many people as possible.

What advice do you have for those just starting out in your industry or for other entrepreneurs?

Educate yourself on the demographics of who you plan on reaching, using social media, e-commerce, and business to business to building relationships.

What helps you stay passionate about your goals? What are your upcoming goals?

Testimonials from clients on how Love Cup has changed their life. To continue to educate people on the health benefits of coffee, CBD and resveratrol. 

What key factors help you position your brand? What makes your brand unique?

The company that I have an exclusive relationship with is Vera Roasting Company they own the patient on the resveratrol. Besides all the health benefits of resveratrol that is a powerful antioxidant, heart-healthy it helps make the CBD coffee smooth. I also have an outstanding marketing team by Logan Lebouef.

What marketing advice do you have for others in your industry?

To stay true to marketing CBD for all the health benefits and do not market using marijuana. My clients want Zero THC in their coffee because they are being drug tested.

How do you build relationships with your customers or clients?

One of my gifts is connecting with people. I make the most out of every encounter and make it a memorable moment to the best of my ability. 

Any tips or insights on leadership, communication or growth?

To be successful you have to be self-motivated. I am intrigued to constantly be learning about my field. Constantly listening and learning using podcasts and watching Youtube. My favorites are Storybranding by Donald Miller, Jordan Peterson, Dr. Phillip Blair on CBD, numerous integrated Doctors, and experts in the wellness world.

Tell us more about you. What motivates you? What relaxes you? How do you find balance?

The passion I have for health and wellness. The love for coffee and realization of how CBD and resveratrol make a very healthy powerful, enjoyable drink.

Where can people find you?

On Instagram @lovecupcoffeeco, or Facebook!