It’s a healing ritual when examining beautiful pictures of a people and their culture. It’s one of the most therapeutic things, that people can partake in when they move to experience another culture. For the very people of that culture, seeing themselves in the anesthetics of human beauty is an amplification of one’s self-esteem. For, natural beauty has a way of illuminating the self-esteem of a people. People feel good about themselves, when they are depicted within a holistic light. It’s the artistry of human nature.

Pictures tell stories for each human being. Every Spirit has a face and a name. When they occupy a specific ethnicity, the reflections of that culture becomes rather clear. Throughout every photo, there are different stories to tell. There is a level of mastery, within them. My, how they gift us with the opportunity of experiencing their land. Look into their eyes if you can. Soon, you will come to experience the treasures of storytelling and how it connects such individuals to their land. Then, there is the intimacy of water. Water always nourishes the land. It will continue to do so, through its own rhythm, beat, and tune. Of course, it also depends on the land. Waters nourish each region of the land, according to its positioning on the Earth.

Irish Springs are a unique innovation, indeed. It makes you wonder the role for such a body of water, and how it moves to color, and decorate, Irish humanity.

Look at their faces and examine the intimacy of Irish greens. It feels surreal and reflections of reality having been mixed with fantasy. Irish folklore truly walks in their faces. Do you see them more? Have you finally seen that Irish sound?

Micheal O Domhnail