I have written before about removing fear [insert link on removing fear: TG 10/2019] where I broke down the six biggest fears and some simple ways to move past them. As I have been thinking through this concept of “retraining the brain” for greater sustainable success in life and business, I was reminded that one of the hardest obstacles to overcome is fear. 

Processing and facing fear yield amazing fruitful results. If we give ourselves the path to honestly walk through fear, we will find success. As we overcome one fear, our brain begins to understand that it can overcome more fears, deeper fears. Before long, fear becomes something that we learn to harness and use rather than allow it to harm and undermine. In thinking about the results of facing our fears we find that…

Recognizing the causes gives voice to the cure. Meaning, when we go to the doctor and tell them what is wrong (what the cause is), they can provide us with an answer (the cure). When we know what is causing us pain, discomfort, challenges, or fueling our laziness or procrastinations, we can isolate and eliminate.

Speaking truth and reality into existence forces the universe to know that we are in awareness. Fear grows inside of darkness. Speaking out brings light to darkness, and ultimately darkness can be contained. We may not be able to change our circumstances, however we will be able to control how we respond.

Fear leaves us when we are in control of our emotions. The only one who can control our fears is us. This level of self-control can only come when we maintain awareness and act upon that. This may seem challenging to overcome however it can be when we remember that…

Minding our mind gives us foundation. How we think matters. In fact, how we think is at the core of how we speak, how we act, and how we live.  Mindset is essential. This gets talked about a lot. There are hundreds of thousands of articles, books, social media posts, websites, blogs, you name it around the subject of mindset.

Interestingly to note, if changing our mindset was easy, there would be no coaches, no motivational speakers, no counselors, no therapists, no mastermind groups, yet those professions are growing. This tells a story that having a sustainable mindset is one of the most important elements in life to obtain. Having others to help create and maintain mindset occurs when we understand that…

Surrounding ourselves with positive, peaceful, and productive people and places increases our potential.  That potential which increases is our ability to navigate fear healthily. We will continually become subjected to events, circumstances, situations, and seasons that will pull us into a fear mindset. How we navigate that fear comes from how prepared we are to navigate that fear.

Positivity frames how we look at our situations. For example, I can be fearful of spiders, yet if I understand why they exist and call that to mind when I see one, I will respond rather than react.

Peacefulness is that calm of being. We can find ourselves in a tough spot and yet have peace around it. This is the essence of faith and belief and is taught throughout all spiritual circles. Having peace inside of our being is like grout on a tile floor, it is what holds everything in place.

Productivity, productive people, creative spaces, the energy of movement and flow circulate peacefulness and positivity. This space (whether physical or emotional) spurs us towards movement.

When we move towards our fear – facing it – we can overcome it. Our body will thank us, our mind will support us, and our being will sustain us.