As we tumble through life some have direction, some have plans, some have none and some just try to survive day to day. Do we accept change, or do we fight it? For many, life is as it should but for many more it never quite measures up to what we wanted or what we were told would happen. Do we create our destiny aspiring to be the best or is greatness hen pecked for those with a foot in the door. Are our plans fact or simply fiction…

We all start in a relative place, some in better positions than others but fundamentally as a blank canvas with the world at our feet. As we start our journey in this world we strive forward under both instruction and instinct. During these years we form opinions and discover out own tolerance and traces.

During our life, moments will come where we are affected by mental health issues, either our own or somebody else’s. How did this happen? Are we born with such a hindrance or is it caused by what we witness and our ability to process or in some cases over process this information. What we listen to on the radio, what we watch on the television. What we speak about and how we digest everything. How do we handle such horrors and does our subconscious continue to work and worry while we sleep?

Fact is now more and more people are suffering in silence with horrendous body crippling mental health issues. For the most part many will wake in the morning without any issues but still feeling the symptoms of anxiety and stress. This could be down to years and years of subconscious stress. Absorbing worry until the body and mind can absorb no more.

How do we try to fix the issues that are making us sick? Trips to the doctor if you’re in a position to be able to afford medical insurance. And what will you gain? Medicine to numb the symptoms but never a solution to kill the disease. More and more young and old alike suffer in silence now watching as the world passes them by. Fretting over what’s left for them in this world. Withdrawing from life they were told they should be living and more so watching others not affected pass them by. 

How do we fix this? Can we fix this? Do we ask the world to slow down while we repair, and will the world listen? Quite simply no, we need to continue to fight while trying to keep on the grind, trying to pay our bills while raising our children and shielding them from the same exact things that have made us so unwell.

There is no simple solution to any of this but while more and more come forward with this illness we start to build on the social shaming that’s haunted issues like this for years. Men no longer need to be the protector nor women the dames. More than ever we can be equal and help each other, we can defeat this stigma and build a kinder future where maybe for our children fiction can indeed become fact.