You might have heard several people say things like, “It’s okay if you have failed, this is how you learn to pass”, “Things will get better automatically”, “Just relax, things will work”, and so on. Well, as comforting as these words may sound, they are not the reality that the world revolves around. These are just the words to console an individual in his tough times and while some heal and start working again, some start believing that these words are the only truth and whenever they face a tough situation, they rumble and break down without putting up a fight or showing the intent of winning. 

Such consoling gestures might seem lovely at first but in the 21st century, the world has evolved towards a practical lifestyle and if you still believe in such words, you are missing out on a lot of things. In this piece of writing, let us discuss 5 inevitable truths that everyone on earth has to accept as you can not deny them no matter what!

1. Failure Means Just That “Failure”
Failure is neither a setback nor a stepping stone to your success, it just means that you have failed to complete the task now it’s completely up to you whether you want to move forward and try harder or you want to quit. It is always a possibility that you may find something better when you quiet, and the same is the probability of failing to succeed after trying hard. Those who say failure is the stepping stone always forget that it was not failure that helped people succeed it was their will to keep trying. You don’t have to get stressed as failing is not that big of a deal!

2. There are Energies That Control Us
The concept of atheists and theists has seen a lot of twists and turns to date. Well, it depends totally on the beliefs of an individual. However, you can not deny the fact that there is a guiding force present around us. Be it positive or negative and these forces have an impact on our everyday behavior. There has been scientific proof that energies are surrounding us. It does not matter if someone believes in god or not or if someone is an atheist or a theist, all that matters is that the energies are for real and if channeled properly they might help you achieve wonders.

3. You Can Never Go Back To What You Were
When we grow up, everything that we want to become is what we were when we were kids. You see, a human mind is continuously learning, and as time passes by, our experiences get embedded in the subconscious mind. These incidents and experiences might not affect your everyday life, but they stay there, and that is why once you have seen a face, you can not un-see it. While growing up you see a lot of things, a lot of incidents, and a lot of experiences which temper with the personality that you have and either adds something to it or takes something away. In both cases, you lose your old self and become a changed personality. No matter how hard you try you will never be able to become the same individual that you were. It is just humanly impossible!

4. Things Only Work When You Do
People usually say that everything gets better with time, don’t worry things will sort themselves out well, that is just another way of calming someone down. It does not make any sense. You can not drink water without moving your hand to pick it up, even if you can get food spoon-fed to you, you will still be required to chew it. So the ultimate truth is that no matter what the circumstances are, leaving things as they are is never the solution.  

5. Anticipation is the Key to Sadness
One of the biggest mistakes that we make as humans is that we expect a lot. When you anticipate something to be great, chances are the outcomes might be disappointing. They might be disappointing not because of their nature, they might be just what you wanted them to be but since you anticipated the outcome, even the satisfactory results might seem useless due to your high expectations. It is a truth and you are the proof of it.

These 5 things are needed to be accepted by every individual. Life is never complicated, it never was, we humans made it complicated with our implied thinking and false hopes, having hope is good but you also need to have faith in the power of truth.

Believe in yourself and never run from reality, and success and happiness will always stay your allies. Good Luck!