When Juan Munoz became the first in his family to go to college, he knew getting an education would open doors for him. But he couldn’t have imagined that it would also open up the universe, literally. As an electrical engineer working for NASA, Munoz worked on the integration of the International Space Station (ISS) and guided astronauts on the ISS to repair their equipment in space. It was a dream job, but after nearly two decades of working for NASA, Munoz decided to hang up his badge and get his real estate license. So what’s a former electrical engineer doing selling real estate? 

Well, after assisting some friends who were stressed about the home buying process, Munoz realized his keen eye for detail and ability to simplify complex processes were skills in high demand in the real estate business.

“It’s the biggest financial transaction of your life,” says Munoz, “if you fill out one form incorrectly or fail to understand what this purchase means for your tax burden, you could find yourself in serious trouble.” 

But Munoz says it’s the dealing and negotiation that really attracts him to the real estate process. As an engineer, he quickly zeros-in on his clients’ top priorities, analyzes the deal from every angle, and makes sure all of the moving parts are moving in the right direction. Homebuyers, especially first time homebuyers, really appreciate having Munoz’s analytical mind on their side. He is big into continuing education not only for himself but for the advantage it provides his clients. He has his certifications in Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) and Real Estate Negotiation Expert on top of being bilingual.

Still, just because Munoz can speak the language of engineering, doesn’t mean he can’t be  communicative and charismatic. He’s genuine, relatable, and always puts his client’s interests first. This combination of brains and personality makes him uniquely positioned to represent his clients in the best way possible. 

And his clients definitely see the value: “Imagine sitting down at the table to negotiate with a seller about a potential issue with the foundation of your dream home. Who better to represent you than an engineer? How about an engineer with outstanding social skills? Juan is really the complete package.” 

Simplifying the Home-Buying Process

Passionate about putting his clients into their dream homes and showing sellers how to prepare their homes before they list so they have real curb appeal, Juan makes the process simple. According to Juan, Job #1 is making the buying and selling process easy.

If you’re selling your home, after a free consultation, Juan crunches the numbers and gives you a prioritized list of items to address. Not sure who to hire to get the job done? Juan has preferred contractors who get your home ready for the market. And don’t be surprised if you look out the window and see Juan pulling weeds in your yard himself! He knows even the tiniest detail can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Family Man Doing Right By His Community

Juan’s family ties run deep. His parents, who were both born in Mexico, instilled in him the value of treating everyone with dignity and respect. Juan credits his parents and their work ethic with his own career success.

From a young age, Juan learned family is everything. He always knew the long hours and late nights that are part of the package when working for NASA would force him to forge a new career path. Real estate gives him the freedom to spend more time with his wife and two daughters.

In addition, Munoz loves to give back to his community. He volunteers with local organizations and keeps up with local real estate investment so he can best represent the interests of the people in his local neighborhood. “If leaders of the community don’t stand up for the interests of those without a voice, we all get left behind,” says Munoz.

Failure is Not an Option

Now that Juan is chasing a new dream of his own—becoming the top selling Realtor in Denver—NASA’s motto has taken on a whole new meaning for him. He continues to hear these words echoing in his mind whenever he meets a new buyer or seller: “Failure is not an option.” 

Juan Munoz is a family man, with strong ties with his family, and a real Rocket Scientist turned Realtor with HomeSmart Realty Group. He is uniquely qualified to help homebuyers and sellers understand the home-buying and home-selling process. Click here to schedule a free consultation with Juan and find out how he can help you sell your home: (720) 926-0204.